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Remembering American Singer 2Pac Shakur


Akinyele Sokoya

Tu Pac would have been 47 years old, on June 16,2018 if he had been alive. During his lifetime,he recorded over 713 songs and starred in 7 films between 1991 and 1996. He sold 75 millions records, had 9 platinum albums, 7 albums worth of music ready to go for when he died,all by the age of 25, which made him the greatest ever.In 1993,he formed the group,’Thug Life’ with his friends. The group released their first album ‘Thug Life volume 1’ on September 26,2016.

The concept of Thug Life is viewed by Tupac as a Philosophy Of Life. In 1994,he was found guilty of sexual assault,a day after the verdict was announced, he was shot by pair if muggers while he in the lobby of a recording studio and robbed. After serving jail terms on the sexual verdict and released, he released more albums. Shakur was shot on his way to the club years after and died of internal bleeding.

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