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Review: NASCO radio show: The Real Stories of Housemaids


The second edition of Nasco Moments with Joy Isi Bewaji aired yesterday, Thursday, 25 June 2015. The topic of discourse – Housemaids.

The guest on the show, Biodun (a TV producer and actress, also a mother) pointed out the fact that the maltreatment of domestic help by employers as represented in Nollywood movies doesn’t do justice to the injustice they (housemaids) go through in reality.

Biodun stated that women are the main perpetrators of this crime. Some women, according to Biodun are plain psychopaths.  They just cannot accommodate or love any being outside their immediate family.

During the discussion, lack of education, underage child labor, tedious house chores, Lack of care, communication and poor hygiene, malnutrition, sexual abuse as some of the major challenges that housemaids suffer from the hands of employers.
Also, some women are just so empty with a large dose of uncalled-for pride that makes them think that “because I am better than you, I can treat you like trash”. They do not even engage their maids in conversations except it has something to do with work. What cruel guardians of these maids fail to realise is that the children left in care of these maids are at the receiving end. But it doesn’t end there, it goes both ways.

Some maids are just naturally mean, and because of their past hurts and the brutality they faced in previous homes, these maids virtually come with a preconceived intentions to hurt and deal with whatever family they find themselves, thus she suggested that thorough background checks and incisive questions should be asked to ascertain the state of mind of the maid.

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It was concluded that there are no reasons enough to justify the inhumane treatment meted out to housemaids. Joy also added that the root problem wasn’t even the employers, but the parents who have children they can’t cater for and end up sending them out just to hawk and make money, some don’t even care where these kids end up.

As the show came to an end, Joy pointed out the need for a legal body to authorise, regulate and protect the interests of maids and guardians and also reiterated  a need for guardians to investigate and catechize their maids, we know that if they had a choice, they wouldn’t be where they are.

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