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Review: NASCO radio show: Why do people marry broke?


NASCO Foods officially debuted it’s radio show in Lagos yesterday, June 18TH 2015.

Hosted by Joy Isi Bewaji, the guest on the show Bimbola Segun-Amao, Editor of Pride Magazine, was in tune with the theme of the day; “why do people marry broke?”. Her wealth of knowledge on marital/relationship issues and her germane approach to the questions asked were impressive.

Sensitive as gender issues are, there are serious underlying issues that should be addressed, and address it they did.

My highlight of the discourse was when Joy asked if couples should have a joint account, let’s just say Bimbo had strong opinions on the matter.

She said an independent account is best in other to avoid one partner coming to ask for money for every little thing he/she wants. She further advocates for other joint family accounts where the couple can take money (with each other’s knowledge) to cater for family needs.

Although, both ladies agreed that couples are partners, however, they emphasized that women should still have their personal savings somewhere…you know? Security and unforeseen expenses… But Bimbola advised that wives inform their husbands about it in order to avoid future problems.

NASCO Moments was an interesting listen. Fortunately it airs at a time when Lagosians are stuck in traffic and looking for avenues to pass the time. Hashing out issues no holds barred, I’m sure they will reach their targeted demographic.

If there was one thing that stuck, it’s that there are a thousand questions to hash out with your to-be spouse before you commit, and questions about finances and savings should be top on the list.


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