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The Ridiculousness of Social Media Challenges


Thanks to the internet, trends and challenges are becoming more ridiculous by the day – the more silly they are, the likelihood for partisans from  other countries. The success of an internet challenge is largely dependent on the number of shares and tags on social media, also on the number of celebrities who endorse it by participating.

Internet trends and challenges have come and gone, with the new ones flooding the internet more ridiculous than the last, some are downright dangerous and may cause injury. We have witnessed challenges like the mannequin challenge, which entailed people standing deadly still, not moving a muscle, at the sound of a particular music.

The ice bucket challenge, which required participants, bravely enduring ice cold water thrown over their heads. Then came the Kylie Jenner Challenge, which had young women all over the world sucking on glass or small plastic, in an attempt to achieve ridiculously full, pouty lips like Kylie Jenner.

The hot water challenge, which had participants play a prank on their unsuspecting friends or family by dousing them in hot water, while they attempt to record their reaction. This challenge left many with mild to severe degree burns. The drinking game, which has participants, consuming large amounts of alcohol, too quickly and in a short time. The running man challenge, which had participants hilariously dancing side ways in running motions. The Don’t Judge Challenge, where people made video transformations of themselves, looking very ugly and then suddenly very attractive.

The newest in hilarious and absurd internet challenges is the for the D**k challenge or for the P**sy challenge, this game has adult connotations, as both men and women in a rap battle, confess what they have done or how far they have come for sex. While the lyrics are sexually explicit, it is funny hearing your favorite celebrity unashamedly confess what sacrifices they have undertaken for sex. Celebrities like Regina Hall, Sanaa Lanthan have unashamedly participated in this challenge, our very own Falz, tells us to what extent he has gone for the cookie.


This growing trend of internet challenges is not restricted to just the west, it has spilled into many parts of Africa, with musicians depending on it to promote new singles. The just concluded #Wo challenge by the Nigerian singer Olamide is an example.

The latest in  internet challenge, sweeping Africa is the one corner challenge, which originated from Ghana, this challenge is the funniest I have ever encountered in a long time, with participants abandoning and promptly ceasing whatever tasks they are involved in, to dance in a manner that depicts the act of sex, which is the slow or fast undulation of the waist.

When I first stumbled on this challenge on social media, it was so ridiculous to me, that I assumed everybody in that video had gone crazy. This internet challenge is going beyond the Ghanian border, to infiltrate Nigeria as stars like Falz and Reekado have caught the bug.

The happenings team is not immune to this bug as well, as their staff partake in the one corner challenge.

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  1. LMFAO, So now you people are working. Hahahahahahaha…. No be only one corner challenge, hahahahahaha… One person come go hide for under chair say him dey dance… Itohan u sef no just kill person, if you were a man, you for don give that wall belle just now… All those ladies ehn give them thumbs up for me, una office na real Quilox… hahahahahahahahahahahaha


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