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Rumour Mill: Has Beyonce given birth?


Members of the Beyhive have gone wild after they noticed a subtle change in Beyonce’s appearance this week.

The 35 year-old star sparked a slew of birthing rumours after sharing an image of a smaller baby bump on Thursday.

Pictured with Blue Ivy, the chart-topper’s maternal figure was slightly obscured by her daughter’s presence, triggering somewhat bizarre theories across the web specifically, that she has already given birth to twins and is just using the dated snap to throw us off the scent while she recovers from the labour.
Adding further fuel to the fire, her mother, Tina, was recently spotted at a hospital in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Bey’s sister Solange recently cancelled a performance in Boston, citing a “scheduling conflict”, which has also had fans putting two and two together.

Not that this is the first time there has been rumours about the singer’s pregnancy.
According to Radar Online , Bey and her family have already relocated to a rental property near LA’s Cedars Sinai Hospital, where she’s expected to give birth. This, they claim, is a huge indication that she’ll deliver the twins ‘very, very soon’.

Fans of the singer and actress have taken to her social media page to air their opinion;

If report is true, then we guess she is trying to buy a little privacy before the madness starts.

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