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Sad! Final year student beaten to death


A 400 level student of Psychology has lost his life following brutal beatings by a group of boys.

According to reports, Ewaweron Oluwamuyiwa better known by the name Mafuge, lost his life yesterday after he was beaten blue and black by a set of Cadet members led by former Cadet Officer Adedoyin Adeola popularly known as (Iron Body).

Late Ewaweron Oluwamuyiwa
Late Ewaweron Oluwamuyiwa

He was attacked in the early hours of Monday the 30th of November about 1am.

 ”Ewaweron was already sleeping when Iron body and his boys barged into his room and started beating him, it was when he started gasping for breath that the beating stopped and he was rushed to Iwaro General Hospital by the same people beating him.”

They told the Doctor they saw him at the road side and that he was drunk.He had been in Coma until his demise yesterday. Reports say he was transferred to a hospital in Ondo OAUTHC/UCH where he had two surgeries before he finally died.

Wanted - former Cadet Officer Adedoyin Adeola
Wanted – former Cadet Officer Adedoyin Adeola

Presently, Adedoyin Adeola (Iron Body) is no where to be found, the SSS are presently investigating the case and the Student Union has released a statement advising Iron Body to surrender to any police station and placed the Cadet Base under lock.

How can humans be so brutal???

Source: www.stelladimokokorkus.com

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