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Sarkodie blast Ghanaian Government in new song


More than half of Ghanaians are not happy about how the economy is being managed. Regardless of one’s political affiliation, objectively, everyone is economically frustrated. For the second time, Sarkodie has addressed the unbearable economic hardship in Ghana via music.

In a new song titled ‘The masses,’ Sarkodie advises Ghanaians to vote wisely and stop the ‘he is from my home town, he is handsome’ criteria for voting for Presidential candidates in Ghana. According to Sarkodie, “are we progressing or retrogressing? I’ve said it once, I will say it again, God should give me the heart to say it in humility, before they send them to shoot me at night but I don’t have a choice, I’m not happy about what is happening in Ghana.”

“First of all this is to the youth, cos where we have reached if we do not reason, a lot of children would be killed, before we realize, we are dead fowls. First of all, is the government protecting the citizenry, is the government thinking about us or building with the money of the country? You will graduate with first degree and end up sweeping in Europe…..” Sarkodie in frustration quizzes.

He further wonders why there is mass oil production in Ghana and still the government begs for loans. In a rather deep thought provoking proverb, Sarkodie says “if you are not helping the hurt, don’t pour his medicine away.”

He touched on ‘dumsor’ (erractic power supply), frustration being the new killer of many Ghanaians amongst others.

I really applaud this bold move. People should learn to speak up more, especially when their government fails them.

Don’t you think so?

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