Home Lifestyle #SeizeTheBae2015: Singles be in operation “grab my partner by fire mode!”

#SeizeTheBae2015: Singles be in operation “grab my partner by fire mode!”


With just an almost unbelievable thirty one days before 2015 comes winding up, many lonely hearts have taken to Twitter with a determined vow to end their singlehood and it’s all thanks to heartbreaks, unresolved emotions, not so cute shyness, untold drama issues…

Yes! Twitter has gone wild with the hashtag – #SeizeTheBae2015 and it’s down right hilarious!  We’ve gathered a few, check them out:

Bet you had a good laugh huh? lol…

Oh well, we all know the year is coming to an end and you’ve got a list of seemingly unanswered hopes and desires and all, but if you look a little closer, you’ll remember, you’re not where you started. Always remember to be grateful for where you are, after all, being married doesn’t guarantee happiness! #JustSaying


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