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Signs And Symptoms You Should Know If You Are Allergic To His Semen


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The condition of semen allergy is quite rare, but it is very possible to be allergic to his semen.

Semen allergy is a real condition, and by recognizing the symptoms, you will be able to help yourself or anyone in your life who may be dealing with similar issues.


If you’re fine before sex but suddenly feel an intense burning afterward, then it may be due to semen allergy. Especially when it happens very frequently, don’t ignore but act fast.

Extreme redness

Semen allergy occurs after you have been exposed to the semen whether through sex, hand job, etc. One of the symptoms of being allergic to his semen is redness in your vulva or vaginal canal.


Apart from burning and redness, another sign you’re allergic to his semen is if you notice swelling in your vulva area after penetrative sex.


These symptoms often come with pains during or after sex. And it can be really uncomfortable. Therefore, don’t ignore this all as a coincidence.


I consider this the worst, because when your V start itching, it disorganizes your whole system, and it could be embarrassing if you’re in a public place. If you’re allergic to his semen, you may feel some itching after sex too.

If it turns out you are allergic to your man’s semen, then the goal is to minimize the symptoms. One of the best ways to do this is to use condoms during sex.

If you find similar reaction on other body parts, like hands or mouth, that come in contact with his semen, you may want to cut down on those sexual acts, or use a condom here, as well.

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