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Single Father Walks 11 Miles A Day In Order To Meet His Job, Then Coworkers Surprise Him With A New Car


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Parents would do anything in order for their kids to succeed and make sure that their children’s lives are easier than their own.

This 21-year-old UPS employee proved to be no exception.

Trenton Lewis would start his day at 12AM to make the 5.5 mile journey to his job at UPS.

He would sometimes accept rides, but most of the times he was forced to walk.

Lewis said he did all of it to make sure his daughter wouldn’t have to go through the same difficulties he did.

“When I had my daughter, I knew I had to step up. I didn’t have a job when she was born,” said Lewis.

Lewis didn’t tell people how he got to the office, he simply showed up on time, everyday. Eventually, his coworker, Kenneth Bryant found out about his daily 11 mile trek.

Bryant was taken aback by Lewis’s loyalty to the company. “That’s a young man that wants to work and will do what ever it takes to be successful,” said Bryant.

The entire office was shocked when they found out that Lewis walked to work. “They were astonished that someone would get up at that time of morning, at night, and walk to work that far,” said Bryant.

They wanted to make sure Lewis didn’t have to worry about transportation, so his coworkers pooled together money and bought a car for him.

Bryant said, “If someone has that type of determination, I’d be willing to help them. We just wanted to lend somebody a helping hand.”

Now, Trenton is the proud owner of a brand new car. Instead of leaving at midnight, he leaves at 3:30 AM, allowing him to spend more time with his daughter.

He said:“I knew things were going to get better if I kept coming to work, so that’s just what I did.

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