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No Baby, No Problem: Akorede versus Halima


By Itohan Ferguson

So it has gone viral that popular videographer and HG2 boss is embroiled in a messy scandal. According to the story, he destroys his girlfriend’s fallopian tube in a botched attempt to force an abortion without her consent. I find the entire debacle frankly nauseating and his cowardice is beyond shameful.

Two consenting adults have sex, both decide to be irresponsible and not use contraceptives, one decides to be a spineless coward and harm the other because he had no guts to be an adult about the situation. Either have her get an abortion in a certified clinic or let her know that if she decides to keep the baby, he will or will not contribute to the child’s welfare.

Instead he thinks for God knows how long, if his flight to Lagos from New York is any indication, he cudgels his brain and he arrives at a eureka! moment where he concocts a grand scheme to manipulate her into ingesting a nasty brew of unthinkable mixtures. What better way to not keep a baby and not breakup with a rich lover. By staying her boyfriend he has exclusive access to her money and there is no messiness of a child holding them together if and when he decides to make a break for it. All his problems are solved in one neat little knot.

While I am sympathetic to Halimat’s plight, I can’t help but marvel at the malleability and unshakable tolerance of Nigerian women in the face of getting ‘crowned’ the enviable Mrs title. According to the stories, she allowed herself get extorted indiscriminately by Akorede, just because he had dangled the ‘I will marry you’ bait. Nigerian women should do better and divest of the mindset that marriage is the be-all and end-all of a woman.

It will eliminate the numbers of Nigerian women who let themselves get manipulated by derelict irresponsible men. While companionship is beautiful with the right person, it can become a hellish experience with the wrong one. For an institution that fragile, women should be extremely careful, in their choice of partners and not buckle under the pressure of looming single hood.

The galling unfairness of this messy situation is the fact Nigerians had more sympathy for Akorede and dragged Halima for trying to ruin the future of a promising young man, the comments I encountered on the internet, is a pointer that we have a long way to go as a people. As is expected in a typical Nigerian society, the transgressions of the man is swept under the carpet, nobody is paying attention to the fact that he has all but made his girlfriend infertile because he is a coward, every one drags Halima by her hair and in the courts of popular opinion she will get no sympathy. For having the audacity to attempt pinning an unwanted pregnancy on a young man with a bright future.

It is indeed sad, the question becomes who is more sinned against, Halima or Akorede?

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  1. It irks me that male privilege is playing a strong role in the way society has taken up a side with Akorede, and throwing criticisms at Halima.

  2. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Anyone who has power will use it to stupor. Women have less privileges in society, so they have to be wiser. Make smarter decisions. Halima’s desperation is the groundwork for all of this. Sad.

  3. It is indeed sad, why I have sympathy for Halima, I can’t help but blame her for being complicit in her own downfall… how desperate can a woman be to fall into his trap without thinking.,, drinking rubbish because you don’t want to upset ‘oko mi’…

  4. It’s quite unfortunate that the Nigerian Society would deem Halima the outcast in this scenario. While i’m sympathetic to her cause, i feel she played the fool for far too long cos she should have seen some tell-tale signs of the magnanimity of his irresponsibility and called it quits before it got here. Now she has lost her fertility (motherhood) which is the joy of every woman (especially in the Nigerian context). If i am to borrow the writer’s words, Akorede is a Spineless Coward and the deepest parts of hell are reserved for ppl like him.

    Kudos to the writer, Great piece!!!

  5. Lets not be too quick to judge you know, because in a man/woman situation we can not know EVERYTHING that happens behind closed doors 100%. What if they had both agreed she would not get pregnant (just yet) and then she botched and decides to manipulate him into “fatherhood” he aint ready for???


  6. Halimat is trying to manipulate the situation, trying to ruin the future of a promising young man… too bad her grand schemes back fired…

  7. Manipulation is the only too women have in societies that are privileged to men. Some men do not interpret these manipulations very well. I hear she was ready to sponsor the wedding to the tune of N2.5m and also paid for his flight ticket of N400,000! Haba!

  8. Just too sad. Some people are here talking gibberish…
    “She tried to rope him” , is that what we are talking about? Her fallopian tubes her destroyed for Goodness sake.


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