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Skool Media: The Face of Modern Digital Education in Nigeria


The world embarks on an endless digital march and this is radically changing our way of life as a people, because we are able to progressively evolve, by utilizing technological tools. One of such spheres that is being revolutionized by technology is education.

Although technological advancement is not globally uniform – in comparison with first world countries, Nigeria is not left behind in this march as Skool Media an ICT based initiative, is invested in its core objective, which is to revolutionize education in Nigeria.

This Edtech company is infused with an enthusiasm to ensure that traditional forms of learning transcend into the digital realm, therefore when you think modern digital education in Nigeria, Skool Media takes precedence. According to Moses Imayi, Project Director of Skool Media, the organisation is driven thus, “we are committed in our goal to stand with students anywhere we find them.”

This is clear in the steps the organisation has taken, in crystallizing this dream of modern digital education in Nigeria, such as: Setting up conducive ICT common rooms for learning in project schools; the proper management of technological tools in project schools. The organisation goes a step further, by ensuring that teachers are properly trained to be ICT compliant.

Another feature that firmly places Skool Media as the face of modern digital education in Nigeria, is the effort to replace the cumbersome presence of books with tablets which have pre-loaded course syllabuses already approved by the ministry of education; projectors displaces messy chalkboards and visual simulations become substitutes for long tiresome notes.

It also has a dream of an improved teacher – student relationship, in respect to learning, because properly trained teachers are enthusiastic about interacting with students by encouraging academic questions. Skool Media also believes that incorporating the proper balance between fun and learning, for students will aid the assimilation process while learning.

The ICT organisation, is also motivated in their commitment, to ensure that Nigerian students are not only elementally trained technologically, but they are given the right education, which will provide such technological refinement, that have them standing head to head with other students from Asia, Europe and the United States of America. This is made possible as a result of their sister organisation, known as the Unites Cisco Networking Academy.

The training program by the Unites Cisco Networking Academy is formulated with the aim of training young Nigerian students, and bridging the digital divide between them and students from more developed countries.

By advocating for the seamless integration between technology and education in Nigeria, Skool Media unquestionably becomes the face of modern digital education in Nigeria.

For more, click the link: http://www.skoolmedia.org/

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