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SMWLagos2015: Beauty bloggers reveal their secret to success


The average African woman takes the combination of her qualities such as her shape, colour, appearance that pleases the aesthetic senses or the sight very serious and personal. She will go the extra mile to see that she gets the desired result or look.

Beauty bloggers have been on the fore front of making every woman’s dream a reality without having to spend a penny with their inspiring posts, DIY videos and beauty’s do’s and don’ts in general.

With their power to attract millions of views for their honest opinions, beauty bloggers have become the darlings of the cosmetics industry and the SMWLagos 2015 organizers tapped into the wealth of experience from some big names like Teniolami (Excecutive Director, Beauty By Nature Inc), Elizabeth Awoliyi (Genevieve Magazine, Online Manager), Ezinne Alfa (Director, Beauty In Lagos), Jennifer.E Obiuwevbi (Beauty Editor, BellaNaija.com) and Barbara Onianwah (owner of Barbara & 1923) who talked about the dynamics of creating and running a successful Beauty or Video Log.

From L - R: Teniolami, Barbara Onianwah, Ezinne Alfa, Elizabeth Awoliyi and Jennifer.E Obiuwevbi
From L – R: Teniolami, Barbara Onianwah, Ezinne Alfa, Elizabeth Awoliyi and Jennifer.E Obiuwevbi

Today, everyone wants to own a blog for one reason or the other, some for commercial use while others are for personal purposes; Regardless of whatever reason it is, the truth is, owning a blog and posting contents on it doesn’t make you a successful beauty blogger.

“Blogging has evolved over the years and as a blogger you have to evolve too, the understanding of the basic tools and understanding of social media and digital marketing to promote and market your blog is key” says Barbara Onianwah

Using top social media platforms as a case study, Elizabeth Awoliyi and Ezinne Alfa buttressed that providing valuable contents for beauty blogs is necessary for the purpose of the readers since the blogger is in the best position to start up a conversation or help decide for the end users or learners as the case may be.

So where should budding beauty bloggers begin? , Barbara Onianwah recommends that first and foremost, every blogger should study and recognize the contents that people will willing click on, and also joining weblog publishing tool Blogger as a starting point.

“It’s very simple, user friendly and 10 minutes after pinning down your domain you could have easily put your first post live. I moved onto WordPress a few years down the line, which has a bit more security and is fully customisable.” Setting up a YouTube channel is equally simple, she says. “Whenever I came across a stumbling block, I just Googled design help blogs or videos on YouTube.”

Participants at the lecture
Participants at the lecture





As bloggers become more successful and subscriber numbers increases, many invest in giving their output a more professional style. However, Jennifer.E Obiuwevbi states that it is necessary for the blog or brand to have a worth and not settle for less. “It is always nice to maintain the standard your blog has attained over the years, and not receive below the brands advert rates” she says.

Barbara Onianwah also used the opportunity to announce her forth coming work shop for interested bloggers. We will update you with the slated date as soon as it’s announced.

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