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Social Media User Reveal How Her Family took Her Virginity Through a Forced Abortion


A social media user with the name Nicky Rose came online to narrate a heartbreaking story of how her Father and Mother stole her virginity through a forced abortion, because they distrusted her.

According to her, that singular incident changed the course of her life forever, making it impossible to be in a fruitful relationship with a man as an adult .

Nicky Rose said the shameful incident occurred when she was just 15 years old and an impressionable teenager. According to her, She had an 18-year-old boyfriend she was in love with, and had decided to have sex with him. However her boyfriend’s uncle caught them together, although they did not engage in any sexual act.

Being the daughter of a pastor, she was severely beaten by her father when he got wind of the incident. She went further to say her parents did not listen to her when she made attempts to tell the truth, that nothing happened.

According to her, the undue stress from the incident caused her period to get delayed. Thinking she was pregnant, they bundled her to the hospital for an abortion, because they thought she was pregnant. Attempts to let them know that she was still a virgin fell on deaf ears. Forcefully the abortion instruments were inserted into her vagina, by then it was too late and her hymen was broken.

Nicky Rose went further to say the incident damaged her adult life and she grew to hate her parents.

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