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Why Society is Obsessed With Zainab Dangote as She Steps Out With A Bang


Adebare Akinwale

Hajia Dangote is an epitome of delight; like a moment’s apparition poised to become an everlasting ornament, so is the former wife of Africa’s richest billionaire and Chairman of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote.

Since images of her surfaced on the social media, she has been trending. Thousands of folks spanning different social divides, have been engaged in a mad rush to see the face of the woman that once commanded the love and attention of the continent’s wealthiest magnate and philanthropist.

There is no gainsaying Hajia once made Dangote’s heart beat. The ravishing woman is the mother of Aliko’s beautiful daughters including his youngest that got married to Jamil, the son of a former Inspector General (IG) of Police.

It was therefore, a rude shock to friends and family of the Dangotes when Aliko and Hajia went their separate ways. But even in their separation, there are lessons to be learnt; the couple did not wash their dirty linen in public; neither party played to the gallery or attempted to smear the other in the mainstream or new media.

They were civil in separation as they were in matrimony thus offering priceless lessons to their peers about the demands and responsibilities of adult engagements like marriage and its aftermath. Hajia’s daughters apparently take after her in humility, tact, sophistication and godliness, traits she shares with her former husband and Africa’s richest billionaire.

While she hasn’t been visible on the social radar since her separation from her husband, Hajia’s wish to be on social media indicates a fresh resolve to be seen and heard in high society circuits, according to pundits.

Whatever the case, the social space will continue to celebrate Hajia Dangote, for her beauty, humility, and elegance.

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