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“Q” Magazine goes deep with Kanye West — He says he blames himself for his Mom’s death


In an upcoming issue of Q Magazine, Kanye West makes a shocking admission – he blames himself for the death of his mother.

In the June 30th issue of the UK’s biggest music publication Q Magazine, Kanye West talks about the revolution he hopes to spearhead for the 21st Century. It involves music, fashion, celebrity lifestyle and gratuitous pics of Kim Kardashian’s nude body.

On a less superficial note, he also opened up about the death of his mother, Donda West, and the guilt he grapples with. In fact, he blames himself for her death. Although the issue isn’t out yet, Entertainment Tonight/Yahoo News published the shocking admission earlier today.

When asked what he had to sacrifice for his success, he sadly said: “My mom. If I had never moved to L.A. she’d be alive. I don’t want to go far into it because it will bring me to tears.”


You’ll recall, Kanye’s mother Donda died in 2007 from heart issues while suffering complications following plastic surgery. He has since paid tribute to her legacy on the hit song “Only One,” featuring his daughter North West.

On a happier note, Kanye, who’s about to become a dad for the second time, demonstrated how seriously he takes his role as a father. He acutally schedules his meetings around North’s playtime…not the other way around.

“While [Nori’s] here in Europe I have to have six hours a day with her because otherwise I’ll just work and she’ll get scheduled around meetings,” he admitted. “Instead, the meetings get scheduled around her.”

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