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#SpeedDatingbyCoolmeets: Can’t tell for sure you’ve found your perfect match? Keep Calm!


What’s your spec? Complete opposite or compatible all the way? Either way we’re talking your perfect match! Although the term “soulmate” might sound a bit cliché  and fairly tale-like but hey, it all boils down to finding that special someone who let’s you be you in the end-  crazy, weird, boring, chatterbox, whatever!

First things first, one thing you’ve got to get straight? No one’s perfect, relationships inclusive. All those seemingly “happily ever after” kind of relationships you see with the couples all loved up and all, that’s real hard work! That said, like everything else in life, love and relationships don’t come any easier so clarity for direction is needed to keep you locked in the right direction that suits you best. Don’t know how to tell if someone’s your perfect match? 4 tips to guide you;

1. Good news? They’re the first person you think of

Best friends? 24/7; although they may not be with you physically but you find that they’re always in your thoughts. if you’re lucky to have a partner who also is also your best friend, that’s a really strong sign you guys are a good match.  You think of this person all the time so automatically when anything good or bad happens, they’re the first person to hop into your thoughts because somehow you know they’ve got your back when you’re either venting or jumping in elation.

2. Your values pair up

When it comes to values although opposite attracts, when it comes to interests and passion, you might consider singing a different song. Simply put, difference in values equals lots of headaches! And that’s no exaggeration.

Values are important as they come to play daily in every aspect of our lives; when morals and ethics differ, there’ll be lots of clashes in the relationship which might develop into something real ugly as time progresses and the relationship deepens. Mismatched values is never a good sign of a perfect match.

3. You see the future with them and it’s real pretty

Does spending the rest of your life, having kids and growing old with this person give you recurring nightmares? That’s clearly not a good sign. When it comes to envisioning the future with your partner, you’ve just got to be comfortable with the picture you see! If you’re not sure you like the reflection of them in it with you… then maybe you need a re- evaluation.

4. You can just be you

How beautiful is it; you being so comfortable with this person and can just be yourself without all that tiring  pretense; okay maybe at first you tend to want to go into the impressing mode but before you know it, when you’re with someone who’s just right for you, you blend easily without trying too hard to make them like you.  You can sit all day at home in your comfy t-shirt, without any hint of makeup, yet you feel comfortable, confident and happy around this person. You being able to express yourself and be you in any relationship definitely matters a whole lot.

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