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Spoil Bae Silly This Valentine Without Spending A Dime!


Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s officially the month of love and yes, finally the D-day is here but unfortunately so is recession in our dear country, But don’t sweat it, nothing and no one should steal your joy this Valentine. Yes you may not be able to afford that dream luxury hotel suite, romantic getaway in Paris or even treating your bae to a sumptuous meal at an exquisite restaurant, but hey you can still spoil your love silly without burning a hole through your pocket. Need proof? 4 ways;

1. Alone time


You may buy the world, but one truth be told, nothing can fill the void of your presence. if you’re always absent, Val’s day is the day to make it up. Twist things up; Put aside business and forget the routine fancy dinner and get away trips, stay home with your love and have a blast together; there’re tons of fun things you guys could do and it’ll go a long way; As a guy you could cook dinner and treat her like a queen or maybe just watch a movie… whatever. Point is affection  goes a long way instead of trying to buy your way with gifts.

2. Take them by surprise

How about going the extra mile to do something your partner thought you would never, ever do in a million years? Spice up that relationship and stop being predictable! Yes it’s absolutely scary and perhaps you’ll feel sort of awkward going out of your comfort zone, but hey, it’s so worth it! Especially when you see their reaction. Give your beau one hell of a memorable performance – strip tease, stand up comedy… make it special.

3. Meet a need

As simple as it may sound, this does go a long way. Does your partner go on and on about a need? How about taking it on. Probably the kitchen sink/ a part of bed is bad, fix it or something as simple as repairing her favourite piece of jewellery, it’s the  thought behind the action that matters. Or maybe, it isn’t a need, maybe you’ve been thinking about taking things a step further, how about popping that question today- Talk about a sweet unexpected proposal!

4. Remind them how much they mean to you

To you it might sound cliché, but voicing your feelings to the one you love can never get tiring to them, it’s a heady feeling, Take them down memory lane; tell them how you feel, how special they are to you, what keeps tying you back to them… this makes the bond tighter because it helps keep romance afloat in your relationship. You may not have the world, but you could use your words and melt that heart.

Love is beautiful! Happy Val’s Day!! Enjoy.


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