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Star Actress, Mercy Johnson Reveals What She’ll Like To Change In Her Hubby



One thing you can’t take away from delectable Mercy Johnson-Okojie, is the undeniable fact that she is richly blessed in the art of interpreting roles. She is A- list actress that has become about the most celebrated and the most sought-after performer in Nollywood. This also makes her one of the biggest-paid actresses in the country. In this interview, Mercy Johnson spoke about some unusual things around her marriage, and husband:


What has kept the flame of your marriage to your charming Prince glowing?
I am a very passionate person, I would say we, as married people, we don’t sit down and plan it, and it’s just that I am passionately crazy about my husband. In fact, I am in love with my husband’s spirit and even his body or his person. My husband has a beautiful spirit and that is what I love about him, and when you love that about your husband, all other things just shine out. Basically, appreciating who he is has made us go this far, so it’s not been an issue at all. From the very first day we met, the way I laid down on his chest when he held me is still the way he holds me and kisses me today, so nothing has changed at all. It’s still the same way he loved me then and it’s still the same now, and it will never change.

Are there any flaws you see in him as a human?
Well, not flaws in the real sense. My husband could be annoying to some point, because he can tell you the truth and that can hurt you. But even when I say flaws, the flaws are like elements of perfection, and not in a negative way. In fact, my husband is the closest thing to God in existence for me and I will say it anywhere over and over again.

In the course of your relationship or marriage, have you ever checked his messages or his phones or memos maybe out of curiosity?
No, I have never done that; in fact, as my own policy, I will never do that because I was never taught that way.

What comes to your mind when he stares at a beautiful lady whether while driving or at any event?
He hasn’t ever done that before, but it is not actually a problem, people actually get scared, then they don’t know who they are, but if you know who you are, I don’t think you will be bothered about things like these. Because I know where he came from and how far we have gone, it will be really silly for me to worry about anything in retrospective.

What does love mean to you?
As a single lady, love takes a different meaning and when you are married, it’s also entirely different. I would summarize love as a sacrifice, because I have got to a point where I never thought I would ever see love or sacrifice this much for love and I think the only reason I will sacrifice so much is because I love him too much. Every morning, I wake up, I see his face and every time I go to sleep, I see his face and I also see my kids, definitely I know I have made the right choice.


Is there anything you would love to change about your husband?
What will I change? I think there is just one thing I might change about my husband, it will be to chain him to a chair and make him see one of my movies, to make him see how much I am passionate about what I do. My husband has never watched any of my movies from day one. That’s just one thing I might like to change about him, tie him down so that he can watch one of my movies from the start to the end, which would be nice.

Do you guys ever quarrel like normal couples, despite the rosy pictures you paint out there?
Yes, we do but we have ways of resolving issues, and even when it’s that bad, we just laugh and joke about it, so when we are quarrelling, and I just finished my prayer, my husband will just hold my waist and call me a prayer warrior, and I will say, leave me alone because I am angry, but at the end of the day, I just laugh and my anger is gone and we are back to normal.


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