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Stop! 8 Bad Habits Damaging Your Mental Health


Although we may not realise this, but our lifestyle choices play a major role in the overall functioning of our brain; which of course is the most important organ of our body. From seemingly normal daily routines; eating, sleeping and even walking, our brain controls every single thing we do. That said, we don’t need a soothsayer to tell us the obvious; our emotional, psychological, and social well-being must be top priority. 8 common bad habits daminging our mental health;

1. Not eating breakfast


Laughs… I bet that’s not great news for #TeamDiet! In a bid to get that amazing body, you skip meals, especially breakfast, that needs to stop! In the long run, this habit is damaging your mental health. Your body needs nutrients and so does your brain, plus it could also lead to low blood sugar leading to dizziness, blurred vision, headaches… it goes on and on, you don’t want to risk all that just so you can have boast about being a size 4 trust me.

2. Overeating


Hold it! Just because it is advised that your meals be taken religiously doesn’t automatically hand you an automatic ticket to gulp everything down in sight. Stuffing yourself too much even when you’re full isn’t a good idea, it’s all about a balance. Apart from obesity, eating too much causes the brain arteries to harden. So if you’re aiming to become a better individual intellectually, know without a doubt that you’re doing yourself a great disservice.

3. Too Much Sugar


Yes you’ve got a sweet tooth and can’t “really help matters”…Well bad news; if you keep on indulging, sugary foods not only gives you a fat waistline, it also hinders the healthy functioning of the brain as well and can also lead to malnutrition as it prevents the brain from absorbing nutrients needed for the proper functioning, hindering learning and slowing down the brain. Scary huh?

4. Sleeping With Your Head Covered


Hmm…cozy right? Although covering your head under your new blanket might actually sound quite appealing, it’s a big no, as it might harbour manufacturing dust thereby preventing oxygen vital to the healthy functioning of our brain. Ensure that if at all you must cover your head it should be with one which you’ve had for a while, not very long though as the thin texture makes you vulnerable to dust as well.

5. Not Engaging In Stimulating Thoughts


Just like your body needs exercise, your brain does too. Envelop yourself in stimulating thoughts by grabbing a book, solving puzzle games or doing anything mentally challenging, this will help make your brain healthy in the long run. An active mind is a productive one, but a lazy mind retires even before launching.

6. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Portrait Of Stressed Businessman Sleeping In Office

Beauty sleep? It’s no exaggeration; Yes, you’re a hard worker who needs precious hours of the night to tap into your creative juice… Truth is, you’re no superhero and your body requires at least 8 hours of sleep daily, anything less than this is detrimental to the proper functioning of your brain and internal organs. At night the brain gets rid of toxins acquired and when you deprive it of the opportunity, it can lead to impaired memory.

7. Rarely Talking


Okay so you don’t trust anyone and keep it all locked up; your battles, aches and pains… this might keep your troubles hidden and guarded, but it doesn’t help you in long run. In times of stress, isolation may most likely lead to depression and suicidal thoughts because you deny yourself an opportunity to lighten your burden by sharing and getting reassurance. Besides conversations, especially intellectual inclined ones help stimulate the brain and this, the introvert doesn’t get access to constantly.

8. Smoking


It’s cancer awareness month this October and smoking is undoubtedly one of the leading causes of the disease. But it doesn’t end there, as it also affects the brain as well; the addictive nicotine in the cigarettes can cause your brain to shrink leading to a whole range of complications…

Always remember, in as much as try to stay fit and sexy, also ensure your mental health is put into consideration too. A healthy mind equals a fabulous you!



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  1. Mental health is really a valid necessity.
    Most times we are carried away by concentrating on taking care of our physical body, that we tend to forget about the internal aspect-mental faculties.

    Really Profound tips.
    As always a big thank you to the Happenings magazine team for the enlightenment everyday.

    I’m curious though, about number 4….abeg do people actually sleep like that? Quite funny.

  2. Wow!!!
    The only ones that did not come as a surprise were numbers 6 and 7.
    The rest of them have rendered me speechless!

    Congratulations Yvonne, you have just succeeded in finally getting me to intentionally cultivate a healthy lifestyle.
    Taking care of my mental health is a much more stronger motivation than loosing weight fa.lol

  3. Wow! I am guilty of almost all and my son wouldn’t sleep if he does not cover his head with the pillow! Try taking it off and he wakes up.

    Then I am the guilty one when it comes to Sugar intake..
    Countless bottles of Coca-Cola..
    Happenings.com you guys have just saved someone from being a Mentalo.

    Cha! I must rewrite my script.


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