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#stylebusters: The eccentric style of Denrele Edun


Where do I start? Happy birthday in arrears Denrele Edun! He turned a year older two days ago, and since it’s #stylebusters monday, I figured we could as well bust his style today. I mean that in a good way.

Denrele has had an eccentric style for as long as we have known him, he’s not your regular guy, his style is on an entirely different level and the fact that have to critique his style both excites and unnerves me. Let’s get to understand the Denrele style.


I love androgynous fashion and this isn’t exactly a bad approach to the style. Denrele is known to rock all his outfits with heels and this was no exception. The dashiki has evolved in recent times and has been made to look more form fitting. Depending on when he wore this, I’d have loved the length of the top shorter, as this would have been much more flattering. The colourful hair could have been tastefully done, but it holds a certain appeal to me. Je ne sais qua.


Denrele is always a burst sunlight to be around, and his personality always shines through in his outfits and this particular outfit was well done. I love the fit of the shirt and the pants. Skinny pants but not too skinny, fitted shirt but not too tight, and those heels speak the truth!!! Hair and foundation (make up) fit the wearer. This outfit gets two thumbs up from me.



Notice what I said about the length of the top, it’s better when it’s shorter, but still, this outfit is not fitted. The pants are too baggy and the top is a tad too short. Yes I complain a lot but really. I love the concept and the shoes give it a stunning wow factor, but if he had kept it fitted and the top a little below the crotch, we’ll be singing a different tune. Fab hair, fab concept, fab shoes.


As always, leather pants and bling bling, but do guys do pearls? well yes, Rick Ross and T pain have been known to rock pearls and this is nicely done. I think designers could take some tips from him, this isn’t a bad design at all. those shoes, eccentric or not are hideous! I can’t deal. But that’s what makes him Denrele, what can we say.


Yass! we all remember his Grammy goldie inspired backless dress and booties which he werked! on the red carpet and caused quite a stir on social media. Well I don’t like it, and it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s wearing a dress, what’s worth doing at all, is worth doing well, If you’re going to wear a dress, then it’s best to wear one that’ll make men envy you. This dress wasn’t tastefully done, I can see the seams at the sides, the train isn’t flared out enough, to give him the diva effect. I maintain that that lace should have been lined with a bias, a sexier face mask, and that hair should have been better styled.

The point is, if you’re going to dress like a lady, then you’re going to have to out do them and make them envy you. I love the agbada with heels, any lady will see it and want to wear an agbada, I won’t want to wear his AMVCA outfit, and that’s what defines style. It’s the quality and the finesse you put into it that make fabulous.

Denrele is evolving. The jaga jaga style is becoming more refined, and the quality of his outfits are getting better (apart from that AMVCA dress) and that quality is what would make his style more appealing.

Happenings fashion wishes Denrele Edun a fabulous birthday!

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