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#StyleMustHave: The crossbody bag/ Sling purse- Comfy meets chic


Crossbody purses/ Sling bags are must have bags for ladies. Not just because they are can be carried more comfortably, but because they can be effortlessly chic. Clutches are cool, but nothing beats whipping out your purse chain, attaching it and slinging it around your shoulders.

As much as I love my totes sling bags are the next best thing for outings events, weddings, and parties. They can be worn cross body style and you don’t have to drop it everywhere you go like your regular clutch. What I love the most about them is that, because you want to keep them balanced, you have to square your shoulders, and nothing makes you strut more confidently than squaring your shoulder.

Sling bags yay or nay? Look through our selected pictures and make up your mind.

@styleismything IMG_8437 IMG_8707

IMG_8708IMG_8709 IMG_8710

Image source: Instagram @NGKI_

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