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Is Sujimoto Out of Financial Crisis?


Months ago, Happenings reported that popular Lagos big boy and self acclaimed property magnate was drowning in financial crisis.

Leaving many speculating that his financial problems may be a reason why he is yet to deliver on his promises to investors. Even worse is the fact he is yet to erect a single residential edifice, with his much publicised Lorenzo by Sujimoto. Read Sujimoto and His Invisible Projects.

With pressure to return investors money, the self acclaimed billionaire vanished from limelight, so did the materialization of his Lorenzo projects. Tongues are wagging that he is planning something big in Banana Island. As expected, publicity is an integral part of his business.

One is currently ongoing as he puts up a video of a construction site with cement company Lafarge cement. However a close source divulged to Happenings that it may not belong to him as he is yet to get investors money.

According to the source, ” Sujimoto does this publicity to get the attention of certain high society people, most times they are not real.”

Recall that to get many interested in his building projects,he is known to have made rather outrageous promises of gifting buyers with  luxurious vehicles like Porsche.

His brand of real state is what is called an off plan, as buyers do not buy a completed building but the idea of what the architecture would be.

Many wonder, does the construction site he is publicizing belong to him?

Is he out of financial crises after getting new investors?

Only time will tell.

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