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This Taxi Driver’s Reaction to an Accident will Break your Heart (Photos)


It’s all-consuming despondency. You can see it in his expressions. Like, this is his last hope, his only means of survival. It breaks the heart to watch his hopelessness.

The accident happened on Akin Adesola street, Victoria Island. A Slot executive, female, was driving from the opposite lane, she missed the traffic light (maybe ignored it) as it turned red. The Baba, taxi driver, was driving jolly through the green light, believing it was his right of way.
Unfortunately, one second can change everything.

The crowd blames the woman. But it is Baba’s sorrow that really gets to us. He is so heartbroken.
“Why should this happen?” he wept.

In Nigeria, it is unsure how the authorities handle accidents. Motorists are left to pick the broken pieces of their cars and angst off the ground and move on.
Here’s hoping Baba finds peace, regardless.

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Photo Credit: King Solomon Ekhaiyeme

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  1. This is so heart breaking. If I can get this man’s contact will help him fix the car. Nigeria has failed us as a people

  2. Baba’s postures make me sad. They convey his misery. It  is often utter desolation that makes an elderly man wail this way.
    He is broken. That car represents his source of existence. Notice that I did not say living? Because in Nigeria, only few live, many more like this man exist (what pun?)

    In sane countries there are programs that anticipate such events (they get that we are humans). Hence, there are plans to  mitigate the effects.
    There might even be people who care and have enough resources to help. Or maybe they just want few seconds of TV fame. That’s valid too. Point is the man will not be this despondent.

    Standing there, this man must have asked himself tons of questions
    Why did this happen?
    What am I going to do?
    How will I feed my family?
    How do I get home?
    Which one of my enemies orchestrated this?

    Questions which can be summarized as: Why am I a Nigerian?


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