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Ten Things to Spend Your Money on This Weekend


You had a hitch-free week, almost perfect except, of course, for the few times you stood waiting at the bus stop for what felt like an eternity and that one time you nearly missed your deadline at work. Still, you’re grateful for the weekend. You can finally catch your breath, have all the rest you need, take a break from being cramped in yellow rickety buses for hours on end, do those house chores you’ve procrastinated doing for too long, and run those errands you haven’t had time for.

Or perhaps all you want to do is spoil yourself a little. After all, it’s still quite early in the month and you’ve got some extra cash. But you do not know what exactly to spend your money on. I mean, you’re sure you want to spoil yourself, you’re just undecided about how to go about it. So, to help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of things you should spend your money on this weekend. Be inspired!

1. Food Stuff/Groceries

You have got to eat, whether or not you want to spoil yourself. Plus, it’s the weekend and you’ve got enough time to eat as many times as you please (careful not to binge eat, though). You might want to make that special meal you’ve longed for all week. Besides, lounging indoors can leave you with cravings. So, why not get as much foodstuff as you want? Most departmental stores have a food/grocery section and if they are not too expensive, you can get all the groceries you need in one place without going through the hassles of moving from one market to another.

2. Dining Out

Nothing is quite as satisfying as indulging your cravings for a particular meal. I know, right? And if you think the Chinese, Indian, or whatever exotic restaurant around the corner would do the trick, then you should go for it. You can either choose to dine out with friends/family or that special someone.

3. Popcorn & the Movies 

If you love the movies as much as I do, then this one’s definitely for you. There’s something about watching movies on the big screens at the cinemas with a bag of popcorn and drinks in your lap that you cannot help but love. It’s too much fun to pass up. Buy a couple of movie tickets and as much popcorn as you want along with drinks.  And if you’re not a fan of going to the movies, buy some DVDs on your way home from work today and settle in with some popcorn and drinks the entire weekend and you’ll be just fine.

4. Theatre/Stage Play/Concerts

Or would you rather watch a live performance than watch a movie on the screen? Then check out plays staging in theatres around you. Muson Centre, Onikan, and TerraKulture, Victoria Island, are some places you should visit for stage plays. Usually the plays are staged at different times.  If, for instance, you miss the 4 o’clock show, you can catch up with the 8 o’clock one. You can also get tickets for any music concert holding this weekend to watch your favourite music stars perform.

5. Hair, Manicure & Pedicure 

You probably won’t get the chance to replace that worn-out weave with a new one or change the old, chipped nail polish during the week. This weekend is the perfect time to do it. Do not procrastinate.Spend your money on your physical appearance. You do not want to appear in the office on Monday looking unkempt and dishevelled. Visit your hairstylist at your earliest convenience and while you’re at it, get your nails done.

6. Clothes & Accessories

Spending money on clothes is a necessity. Remember that dress or the pair of jeans with matching accessories that you saw at a boutique during the week and told yourself you would return some other time to buy? Well, now’s that “time”, especially if you have a function to attend later this year and you have a little extra cash to purchase it. So, why postpone, right?

7. Spa 

Ah, what better way to spoil yourself than to visit a spa? You deserve it. Trust me, you do. You’ve worked hard all week and your muscles are as tense as they possibly can be. Why not visit that spa you’ve caught yourself eyeing?

8. Books 

I love books. I love the smell of new books – oh, and old ones, too. If you love them, you should try getting some this weekend and snuggling under the sheets with them. If it rains, then the weather would be just perfect for you to stay indoors and stay curled up with a book. Once you pick up a delightful book to read, you’d probably be reluctant to drop it until you’ve reached the last page.

9. Drinks

Yes, drinks! All kinds of drinks – sodas, cocktails, beer, vodka – just drinks! Set some money aside for drinks this weekend and you’ll be glad you did. You can catch up with friends at a bar or get together at home and relax with chilled drinks.

10. Weekend Getaway 

Nothing like a weekend getaway, right? If you can afford it, you should spend some money on one of the many resorts in Lagos and get away from all the stress and strain of work. You don’t have to spend your entire life savings or break a bank to do this. There are some affordable resorts around you that you might want to check out.

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