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The All Time Kids Classic “Seven Lucky Kids”



Growing up will always have its fun memories: Memories that we’ll carry through to our adult life and even transfer to our kids as bed time stories (although, we most times change the names of the characters in the story); but we still cherish them always.

These (memories) could be our experiences on the play-ground, a little trick or prank we play on our parents/sibling, our activities in school or even interesting things we see/watch. Do you remember these cartoons: Birdman, Tom And Jerry, Ghost Riders, Little Mermaid, Mark 5, Voltron, Popeye The Sailor?  What of movies like Terminator, Rambo, Sound Of Music, Mard and kids favorite “Seven Lucky Kids or Lucky Seven” whichever way you prefer to call them. Oh, these are great times of the 90s you know?      

“Seven Lucky Kids” was about children with superior martial arts skills who stumble into excitement and adventure in the action comedy movie. It started with one of the kids accidentally stumbling upon the scene of a murder, and shortly before the victim gave up, he gives the boy a valuable diamond, with instructions to give it to a woman with a rose. As the kid and his pals try to figure out what to do, they discover a group of gangsters are also on the trail of the jewel, and their talents are put to the test.

The movie was such a thrilling adventure and a comic relief that kids at that time must have seen it for more than three times. The plot of the story and idea of children beating up big bad guys was a mouthful. Although, the movie was great but its consequence was that kids were re-enacting the action and martial art moves they saw on their playmates and anyone thought to be the bad guy.

It was fun at the time but a lot of kids got injured during the process. Nevertheless, Seven Lucky Kids or Lucky Seven is still an all-time kid’s classic movie of the 80s and 90s. It unconsciously taught us to stand for good and always do the right things.

What of you? What fun memories do you have of the movie?

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