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‘The bodyguard has to go or I will’: Travis Scott Warns Kylie Jenner To Fire Her Bodyguard


Ilori Titilayo

The Internet can be an ugly, hurtful place, especially for celebrities, and it hasn’t been any different lately, for Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, amidst controversies over Stormi’s real father.

The continuing rumors that Kylie Jenner’s bodyguard might be Stormi’s dad, have finally gotten the best of Travis Scott.

Although he had initially laughed at the ridiculousness of the speculations, he is now ‘furious’ and wants Kylie to fire Tim Chung.

The most recent fan theory, was that Tim Chung, Kylie’s bodyguard, is Stormi’s actual father.

Fans thought the baby looked nothing like Travis but did look a lot like Tim.

An insider told Hollywood Life, that the persistent rumors are finally getting to Travis.

He is ‘becoming uncomfortable with Kylie’s good looking bodyguard and he is finally telling her it’s time for him to go.’

The source continued that “although, both Kylie and Travis laughed the news off when it first broke out, but things took a turn for the worse; as more and more people told Travis how hot the bodyguard is and how much he looks like little Stormi, and it began to really get to Travis. He is now sick of hearing about it”.

“Travis has gone from laughing about it, to getting furious,” the source added. He has even threatened to end their relationship over this issue.

The insider added that since Travis knew that Kim and Kanye had similar problems with Kim’s security team, he sought Kanye’s advice before ‘giving Kylie the ultimatum: the bodyguard has to go or I will’.

Although Travis understands that Kylie may feel loyalty and trust towards Tim, he thinks he should come first as he is family.

He has told her to get a new bodyguard, one that is not as hot, not a model and doesn’t resemble Stormi in the least!

Earlier, after Stormi’s birth, fan conspiracy theories speculated that Tyga, Kylie’s ex was actually Stormi’s real father.

That news has since been proven false by statements issued by Tyga and comments made by Kris Jenner.

Meanwhile, Scott and Jenner seem to be falling deeper in love since the birth of their daughter.

They’ve been spotted together all over the place and their recent dreamy vacation photos were something out of a fairytale.

View the photos here.


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