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The Men’s streetstyle guide to looking cool in work outfits


Somewhere in my head, I had convinced myself that men’s fashion is as boring as it gets. “Is it not to wear trouser and shirt and/or jacket?” that’s normally my justification. We have manged to box in and sum up men’s style into one statement “shirts and trousers”, but that’s past now. Men are becoming increasingly interested in personal style, forward fashion, and colours. In our article today, we consider a few ways to keep work outfits interesting for men, and allow them to explore the many possibilities of style.

Be as proper as you can – with a twist


Especially for Mondays, the dress code is usually austere and straight forward, so you could definitely tow the suit route. Pair up a nice suit with a matching shirt and a sleek pair of shoes. To make it fun, you can style it with brooches, I like how he paired two brooches on one jacket. Also you can play with your ties, socks and your shoes just for style statements but we know the colours should be muted and work appropriate.


@thesivu j


Play with colours

proper as hell
proper as hell

Okay Monday is gone and you want to switch it up, you could add a bit of colour to your suit, I like how he pairs up his green tie with wine shoes and a striped shirt. It’s still very corporate, but the style shines through.


Let’s talk about prints


Yes men do prints too, it could be your pants, your shirt or your jackets, you can’t go wrong with this one. You could go bold with this lovely bomber jacket which can be ideal for Thursday or Friday work day, or you could go subtle and use checks, and stripes. I love the plaid pants below, it’s subtle but still looks good. Prints add pizzazz to your outfits, and it says stylish too. What say you?

dejon marquise
dejon marquise
@thesivu 2

Ankara jackets for Friday? 

wole oyejide
wole oyejide

Would you rock an ankara jacket? or would it be too church-ous for you? I like that the world is evolving in a way that allows us incorporate some of our Africanness into our work outfits, and I daresay an ankara jacket is perfect for Friday. Maybe not one as busy as this, but one with rowdy prints and a mute colour, yes? I agree.

Anymore tips? Do share

Image credits: Instagram.com artbecomesyou.com


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