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Things To Avoid When You Meet Your Ex


Ilori Titilayo

Most people fall in love but few people get to enjoy the love they find, so most times, they fall out of love.

Getting into a new relationship is never an easy thing to do because once you’ve been heartbroken, the hurts and sores are still there and they are still fresh.

Most people feel fidgety when a new proposal comes in but when they start, they kick it and play their cards well. This world they say is a small world and whether we believe it or not, we may run into each other at some point which is inevitable.

But really, this scenario brings back old ‘sweet’ memories that most people may not be able to handle but no matter how hard it is, we should still learn to act like they don’t matter again.

Here are what to do to avoid those awkward moments.

* Don’t give him the impression that you are not in any relationship or even if you are, avoid making him feel like you are not happy In It.

*Avoid unnecessary hugs with him as this action will give him the impression that he meant a lot to you and you just have not been able to let go of him.

* Don’t make the mistake of asking him for his cell phone number ,doing this will only make him feel like you are still interested in him.

* Don’t ask him about his recent relationship, so as not to look jealous and make him assume that you want him back.

*Avoid unnecessary emotional talks that remind him of your happy times together or places you both visited together because a simple reminder will make him feel like he was the best thing that ever happened to you.

* Avoid long conversions with him, by doing this, you erase the impression that he still matters to you. You do this with the perspective that since it took him nothing to let go of you, you lost nothing letting go of him and you put up extra confidence and style. This will make him know that you are fine without him.

*Especially when he was the one who walked away, it is advisable that you avoid close contact that will lead to temptation of kissing, pecking and necking.

* If the break up was your fault, don’t plead for him to come back or tell him you are still searching

* In circumstances when the break up was his idea, it is advisable you try all possible best not to get  him to apologize because this was a guy you once loved and there is every possibility you might still love him. His apologies may push you into relating with him again but it is not advisable.

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