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Things To Consider Before Walking Down The Aisle  


Ilori Titilayo

Marriages of nowadays don’t last, due to one thing or the other, it is surprising how often people get married on a whim.

Running  to the registry after two months of dating because “you’re madly in love”

Maybe it is not on a whim, you have known the person for years.

However, have you considered that you might just be friends and have failed to really dig into the deeper issues of life?

If you do not know the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, then you are setting up your marriage for failure.

These are likely thing you need to put into consideration before saying “I do”

1. Family

As a woman, it is very important to know how close your man is to his family, especially his mother. Does he like visit his parent’s every day after work?

Is he a mama’s boy, does he run to his mummy after every conflict?

These are things you need to trash out before walking down the aisle together.

As husband and wife, you will have to start making decisions and resolving conflicts on your own.

It only creates issues when one spouse runs to their family for help and alienates the other spouse.

It is also a bad idea to compare your spouse to your parent, this is very common in marriages of today. The man says he wants a woman like his mother, and a woman says she wants a man like her father.

Comparing the way your spouse handles things to your parent is a recipe for disaster.

2. Friends

When it comes to keeping friends, you can agree with me that your spouse cannot like all of your friends. There must be one or two they don’t get along with. Hence it is good to let your spouse know that such people will not
be associated with you after marriage, and you both must agree.


After marriage the next thing most couples discuss is how to have children, it is very important to discuss this with your spouse.

If you both want to have children immediately after marriage, or you want to wait for a year before you start trying?

The key to this conversation is to go deeper and answer the following questions, are you ready to handle them?

Can you both handle the sacrifices that being a parent entails? you must be ready physiologically.

Thus, you both must be on the same page and have a great understanding of what you expect as far as having children is concerned


This is quite important, as a woman you must take the time to discuss what your goals are in life and in your career.

Do you want to be a full-time wife or an entrepreneur?

If you have children, what will that look like financially?

How can you start planning for that as soon as you get married?

This is very important and must be discussed before marriage.


This is another major fact to put into consideration, regardless of your beliefs. It is important to know what your future spouse believes in. If you are a Christian and planning to get married to a Muslim, are you planning to change your religion? If not, will he/she allow you to hold on to your religious beliefs?

Will your children be Christians, Muslims or you will allow them to decide what they want at a tender age?


Some men are very active when it comes to lovemaking, while others are not, the same applies to women.

You must be ready to accept each other the way you are sexually. Thus there must be sexual compatibility.

If you are someone who cannot stay for days without sex and your spouse is the opposite. Knowing  you cannot endure, it is better you think twice before walking down the aisle

7. Fashion sense

If she is the type who sits in front of the television first thing in the morning without brushing her teeth. Or is she one of those who like tieing wrapper around the house.

If you are a man who loves his lady wearing a crop top or sexy shorts around the house, he would not find the wrapper tieing woman attractive.

Or you’re a woman who loves her man to always look neat, and your spouse is far from that, you may want to have a rethink. Remember that marriage doesn’t change who you are.

“She will change when we are married or he will change when we get married” never really works.

Therefore, what you cannot tolerate before marriage, cannot be tolerated after. So, it is best to iron things out before saying “I do”

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