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Things You Should Know About the Hijab Lifestyle (Photos)


Happenings witnessed the World Hijab Day celebration, hosted at the University of Lagos mosque. In a lecture for young Muslimahs, themed ‘The Hijab and its Importance’, the cultural importance of the hijab was reiterated.

The hijab is a traditional scarf worn by Muslim women to cover the hair and neck and sometimes the face. (Definition form Dictionary.com)

Young women were taught to wear their hijabs with pride, here are some of the things you did not know about the hijab lifestyle.

A woman who wears the hijab, is admonished to keep herself clean from the inside out. While many would think hygiene while wearing the hijab is unimportant, as no part of the body is revealed. That is not the case, a woman who wears the hijab before her adornment must embrace cleanliness, because ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’.

A woman who wears the hijab is expected to bear the weight of the hijab’s importance. The hijab is a symbol of piety, humility and virtue. Therefore a woman who adorns a hijab must adopt these attributes.

Another thing you may not know about the hijab lifestyle, is the fact its adornment may be a double edged sword, while it could lead to stigma and judgement, in the same vein, it may also elicit respect.

It is a common misconception that adorning the hijab is not fashionable, on the contrary a muslimah while wearing the hijab can be chic, classy, sophisticated and trendy.

Adorning the hijab is a form of self-sacrifice by muslim women as they are not above feeling discomfort and restriction by their clothing but their devotion to their creator strengthens their resolve.

See photos:

Photo Credit: King Solomon Ekhaiyeme

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