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Three Guys Fled A Restaurant Without Paying, But Days Later They Did Something Amazing  


Ilori titilayo

If you’ve ever worked at a restaurant or bar and had a customer do a runner on you, you’ll know the pain of having to tell your manager that you’ve missed up.

Sometimes the bill isn’t too much and other times, it’s three or four digits.

So you can sympathise with the owner of African and Caribbean restaurant Kilimandjaro, Apollo Apollinaire, who realised three of his customers had dined and dashed.

Thankfully, their food didn’t cost too much, but he chalked it down as a reminder to him and his staff that some people are jerks.

But imagine coming into work a few days later and seeing a letter from the trio, with cash inside and apology.

Instead of being evil who couldn’t be bothered to pay their bill, they were actually caught in a bit of bad luck.

When they were told by the restaurant they couldn’t pay by card, they set off to find a cash machine.

But during that journey, they realised the last train home was in a few minutes and so they legged it to the station.

Hell bent on ensuring they didn’t get any bad Christmas karma, they mailed some cash and a note to explain the situation.

It read: “It is with our deepest regret that not being from Middlesborough, we are not able to come to Kilimandjaros in person to apologise.

Additionally, we will be giving a positive five-star review of your establishment on Tripadvisor.”

Apollo was absolutely blown away.

The owner if the restaurant said “I didn’t think people still did that. I thought those kinds of people had disappeared from the planet.

“We accepted they would never come back and we had lost the money.”

“It was just amazing.“Everyone was shocked and people are finding it really touching.”

After posting the images on the restaurant’s Facebook page, plenty of people commented to say it had restored their faith in humanity.

See photos below.

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