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Tips For A Healthy Vagina



As an important part of the woman’s body, the vagina requires as much attention to hygiene just like the other parts of the body to help maintain overall good health.

Unfortunately, since the vagina is an embarrassing subject among many women, it is often neglected of basic care. When you’re lacking proper hygiene you are not only at risk of foul odors but also of vaginal infections.

Taking care of your vagina is a simple process, as the vagina has a natural process of keeping itself clean. The offensive fishy odor that comes from the vagina is usually an indication of infection. The normal smell of the vagina is not noticeable to people, which becomes a lot of women’s fears. Here is a simple guide to keeping the vagina at least relatively healthy

Take out your old tampons.

Leaving a tampon in your vagina too long, more than six hours, is a very bad idea. It can cause a toxic syndrome (TSS), as well as some disgusting build up. Use smaller size and change sooner. Changing out pads often is also a good idea leaving a pad on too long can cause serious irritation to the skin and around the vagina.


While helping to protect you against pregnancy, also help keep your vagina clean. Having unprotected sex often can lead to vagina problems as well as the obvious pregnancy and STDs.

Wear cotton underwear.

Cotton is very breathable; it allows the vagina to get air circulating around it. This helps to keep things from building up “down there”, and also helps maintain good skin around the vagina area.

Keep yourself clean.

A large cause of infections happen simply because sweat or oils built up until there was nothing for it to do except fester and form an infection. Never fun. So bathe and shower regularly, try and keep “down there” as clean as possible, without using a douche. Douches clean too much they take away some of the bad bacteria, but then they also take away massive amounts of the good bacteria. Unfortunately, the bad bacteria build up. Douching can also lead to increased inflammation (vaginitis). A simple washcloth with water works fine, but do not wash inside. The vagina is constantly flushing itself. So allow it to work the way it was designed.

Avoid sprays and scented soaps.

Actually, try and avoid soaps “down there” as much as possible. They can get caught in the crevices of the vagina and fester. And you have an infection of the vagina in no time. Sprays and scented soaps, though, are more damaging, as they are designed to leave a bit behind– the scent, and you don’t want anything left on the skin of your vagina at all. Soaps and bubble baths can also worsen vaginal dryness.

Rinse Well.

While showering or taking a bath, rinse your vagina with lots of water. Rinsing will help remove any “build-up, discharge, It will also give you that fresh scent, but if you have extra discharge or build-up, like the above step says see your gynecologist.

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