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Titi’s Erotic Notes: Afterhours


Vera closed her tired eyes, her vision was blurry with exhaustion and she looked up from the mountain of paperwork sitting at her desk. She had been so engrossed with her tasks and she did not realize she was practically the only one left in the building.

She knew she should head home, the day was far spent, however the thought of going home to a cold empty house, did not hold any allure for her. Vera had no one to welcome her, when she walked in her door, it did get lonely sometimes, hence she drowned herself constantly in work.

She is startled from her lonely contemplation by the shuffle of feet and the faint beam of light from a torch, she had assumed she was alone in the empty office building and wondered who was the lone figure in the hallway. The sound of footsteps stop right in front of her door and a quiet knock on the door and the words “Madam?”. She relaxes at the familiar voice of Edward the security man, he was making his routine rounds through the office premises.

The door opens, and Edward steps into her dimly lit office, the only source of light, had been from her desk lamp. Her eyes adjusts to the dimness beyond her desk and she catches a glimpse of the Security guard’s silhouette. She is taken aback by the wideness of his shoulders and his imposing frame, she hadn’t noticed all the while that he was solidly built, like a giant.

“Good morning Madam” , Vera is startled “Good morning?” She instinctively looks at her wrist watch and is amazed at the time, it is 1am, she is surprised at how late it is.  She needed to head home, she couldn’t run away from her loneliness. She sits up from her desk and winces at the pain in her back and neck.

Edward’s voice abruptly stops her musings, “will you be leaving soon Madam?” The question is innocent enough, but she wonders why it sounded suggestive to her ears, leaving her feeling tingly all over. She notices the velvety baritone of his voice and it envelopes her senses. He repeats himself and Vera finds her voice “yes please” she says , I would like you to help me pack up”

At her request, Edwards walks closer to her desk, he is looking even more imposing and Vera is forced to stand up. He reaches for some of the papers on her desk, same time as she does and their hands brush against each other, the attraction is immediate as the current crackles between them.

She is unable to stop herself and her hand goes up his arms, resting on his chest, she can feel the erratic beating of his heart. “Madam…” Edward begins to say and she brings her fingers to his lips, to stop his words. Vera feels overwhelming vulnerability in that moment as she leans closer into him and rests her head on his chest.

She could not understand why she had the burning need to touch him, he alone could drive away the shadows of loneliness that threatened to drown her. Edward understood  or maybe he felt her vulnerability,  because his hands goes around her, drawing her close. For Vera it is the best feeling ever, being held and for a moment, she felt alive, forgetting her cloying loneliness.

Edward hesitantly raises her chin, to look at him and they are connected by the look in their eyes, it is one of identical desire and lust, slowly he bends his head,  capturing her lips with his. The kiss is slow and seductive and Vera is light headed from the paralyzing desire coursing through her body.

His lips leave hers, and travel to her neck, he has his tongue making a trail down her neck, to the top of her cleavage. She is panting and her breasts are straining uncomfortably against the satin fabric of her top, she vaguely remembers getting rid of her jacket, sometime during the night. His tongue stops its sojourn and he looks at her again.

Vera is lost, she wanted him and did not want him at the same time, she timidly touches his chest once more and that is all the permission he needs, as he carefully lifts her, placing her on the desk, on top the papers scattered all over. She doesn’t care and drags him down with her. He follows her willingly, kissing her, his tongue once more leaving her lips and traveling to her breasts.

He bites them softly through her top,  and she arches her back to meet the torture of his teeth, his hands travel, down her skirt, find its way in between her thighs, they quiver in response. He teases her by going close to the apex of her womanhood, without touching it. Vera is frustrated and she bends her waist forward, urging him to touch her. He puts her out of her misery, by moving her panties aside and sliding a finger into her warm wet pussy. Vera moans, his finger sliding into her was the best feeling ever, one finger becomes two and he is going in and out quite expertly.

While his fingers are in her hot pussy, he curls them in a come hither motion,touching her Gspot, Vera shatters into a million pieces, she had no clue where her Gspot was and Edward just found it. He kept twisting his finger forward and the pressure in her kept building and Vera had the sudden urge to let go.

Suddenly he stops the torture of his fingers, he withdraws them from his body and brings them to his lips, he is licking his fingers excitedly. They do not speak, their bodies do the talking, he stands over her and unzips his fly, releasing his already erect cock from his briefs.

He pulls her to the edge of the desk, parting her legs even wider, the head of his cock resting just at the mouth of her vagina, he makes no move to enter her. Frustrated, Vera throws her legs around his waist, trapping him and pushing him into her body.

Edward surrenders to the power of Vera’s body and he begins to thrust into her. His thrusts are fierce that the table shakes with the pounding from his waist. He doesn’t stop, his rhythm is nothing she had felt before, he goes fast and is slow, he is deep and then he is shallow, teasing the lips of her hot wet cunt.

He lifts her up from the desk, in a standing position and proceeds to impale her yet again, Vera is powerless in that position, his cock was going in deeply and freely, she had to hold on to his shoulders with her arms and her legs are securely wrapped around his waist. Edward has his hands tightly around waist guiding his thrusts.

The only sounds in the darkness, are Edward’s grunts Vera’s moans and the sound of her wet pussy being mercilessly pounded, she is almost there, she is going to fall over the edge.

Then she is vigorously shaken wake, “Madam wake up, time don go”. It is Edward, he is nothing like the man in her dreams, same build but not as charismatic or sexually appealing. Unbelievably she is dreaming, it seemed so real, at least the throbbing and aching wetness between her legs was real enough.

All she had just experienced was the mist of dreams, there is no relief from her sexual misery.






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  1. … And mine too. Real enough if Vera can find a good masculine wick… I think you should show me to Vera, so I can advise her on what to do with all of the realness between her legs… And whatever happened to Rebecca too… Thank You Itohan for the articulation… Pls carry on…

  2. … And mine too. Real enough if Vera can find a good masculine wick… I think you should show me to Vera, so I can advise her on what to do with all of the realness between her legs… And whatever happened to Rebecca too… Thank You Itohan for the arousing articulation… Pls carry on…


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