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Titi’s Erotic Notes: Forever


I could lay here forever; in his arms, on this soft mattress with the spotless white sheets and duvet, in this room with windows overlooking the beach. Closing my eyes, I smiled and relished the coolness of the breeze coming in from the open window on my skin.

“Hey!” his breath was warm on my left cheek as he whispered into my ear. From behind, his arm tightened around my waist and his fingers slowly and gently traced the outline of my arm.

“Hey!” I replied, with my eyes still closed. Then turning my head around, I nuzzled at his face before letting my lips meet his. Tickling and exploring, his tongue sucked on one lip after another. I responded, leaning my back deeper into his hard, virile body and letting his fingers slide from my neck to my soft jawline.

Feeling the bulge behind me and underneath the sheets begin to rise, I let out a light moan. He placed a hand on my hip and, caressing with his fingers, he let it slide up my inner thigh. He then turned me on my back and bent over me, his knees sinking into the soft mattress astride my thighs and his face just inches away from mine.

Gently spreading my legs, he planted light kisses on my pink tong before slipping it off and letting it fall among the rest of the discarded clothes on the floor. He then dragged his fingertips along my thighs up to my breasts, squeezing its fullness with his hands and pinching each hardened nipple with his fingers.

His hands moved from my breasts to my pussy, where he tasted its warm wetness. With his tongue and lips, he teased its folds and gently sucked on my most sensitive part. Soon his fingers were inside me, poking and probing my wetness. I sighed, moaned, and whimpered, my body squirming to his every touch. My hips rocked with the movement of his fingers as they plunged deeper and deeper inside me. Wrapping my hands around his biceps and occasionally letting them slide to his smooth chest, I savoured the feeling of pleasure and excitement building within me.

He placed his lithe, muscular frame on top of me and, with his strong arms on my shoulders, he plunged his thick, hardened cock inside me. The muscles of my pussy gripped it just as he rocked back and forth, slow and steady. Then quickening his movements with each shove, he rocked my insides till I was sure I could take no more. With his cock still inside me, he stroked my clit with his thumb and let waves of passion roll through my body.

Pushing him further inside me with my legs now wrapped around his waist, I felt the warmth in my pussy spread to my body. His grip on my shoulders became harder, more forceful, and he bit down on his lower lip as his thrusts became more violent. I felt my pleasure build and reach a climax before it rolled out of me in short waves that left me breathless.

My body stiffened and I let out a loud cry, just as his breath on my neck came faster. He loosened his hold on my shoulders and it was obvious that he had reached the same climax that I did. I looked at him and, kissing every inch of his face, I knew that I could lay like this forever in his arms.

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