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Titi’s Erotic Notes: Let the Storm In


There is a quiet knock on Celia’s bedroom door, “come in” she calls. Juwon steps in with a dimpled smile on his face and his eyes molten like melted chocolate.

Celia’s heart clenches at the sight of him, rougishly handsome but heartbreakingly young. She can barely manage a squeak as she asks “what’s up”

“Hey Cee, I will be going back to school tomorrow, just wanted to let you know”. Her heart clenches, she would miss him for sure. The irony that she is fu*king a man she had carried as a baby is not lost on her. She is disgusted by her body’s lack of control and is excited all at once.

He bends his head slowly to hers as she is seated on the bed and kisses her lips, “I wanted to tell you good bye in a special way”, he whispers and Celia surrenders.


Celia gives a nod of approval and Juwon joins her on the bed, his kisses are light and feathery as he sprinkles them on her face, while whispering her name again and again.

She reaches down to the crotch of his pants and is greeted by the blazing hot bulge, trapped in his clothing. Celia unzips him and Juwon’s conquering member springs free, angry and veined. She is forever awestruck by the beauty of his c*ck.

How little Juwon would own a di*k this glorious is a question she had asked herself since the day she first saw it. His shaft was the darkest she had ever seen, it was the tip of his penis that left her dumbfounded, it was a bright pink colour, an odd shade for a man as dark complexioned as Juwon.

Celia cannot stop herself and just like a magnet, her lips are drawn to his di*k. Her lips capture him and begin to pay him homage. Juwon moans and his neck falls back as he braces himself for the wickedness of her tongue.

He had never met a woman who can suck c*ck as good as Celia, then again he had never met a woman like Celia. She was like fever in blood and thoughts of her never left him, he carried her with him everywhere. He knew this was going nowhere but you cannot blame a man for hoping. The thought of other women left a bad taste in his mouth, Celia had ruined him for anyone else.

His eyes are closed so he doesn’t see that she is hovering over his erect member fully clothed. He is unceremoniously dragged back to earth when she impales herself. Celia had moved her panties aside and sat on his thickness. She is warm and wet and oh so heavenly, Juwon grits his teeth holding tightly to his last shred of control, he would be damned if he left her behind in this climb to pleasure’s height.


Tonia limps back to her Mercedes, she is in pain but feels oddly satisfied. The soreness between her legs was testament to what had just transpired. She felt deliciously used and decadent. None knew her secret except Celia.

Nothing could satisfy her hunger except the whip of her Domina and the humilation of a mistress. Hubby dearest had no clue, night after night she would smugly watch him grunt and grind like a labourer trying to get her to the peak, she would feel sorry for his efforts in futility and then fake an orgasm. She was good at playing the shy bride and always insisted that the bedroom lights are turned off so he would not see the boredom in her eyes.

As she slowly guides her luxury vehicle out of the premises of her illicit rendezvous, guilty memories of years ago rose unbidden to become her companion on her lonely drive home.


Celia has her face buried in the bed, with her derrière up in the air, she is defenseless as Juwon is pounding away at her juicy womanhood. He shows her no mercy and he pauses between thrusts to smack her backside and bite the soft cheeks of her buttocks. He is buried so deep inside of her that he is lost.


“Cee” Tonia calls as she gets in the front door, she is excited about seeing her friend and telling her all about her crazy day, she makes her way excitedly to Celia’s door. There are muffled moans coming from the other side, perplexed, Tonia turns the door knob.

To be continued…

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