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Titi’s Erotic Notes: Slippery When Wet (18+)


Gbenga is feverish about going home to his beautiful wife, he is newly married and the thought of his shy bride set his blood on fire. His mind wanders to their wedding night, the first time he had ever had a taste of her. The vision of her soft voluptuous flesh was maddening, her tightness and warmness, how right it felt burying himself inside of her.

He feels a discreet nudge from under the table, apparently a member of the board is addressing him, he welcomes the distraction from his mounting arousal, just as he quells his impatience at the long board meeting.

Finally the meeting comes to an end, he is the first out the board room, leaving instructions with his assistant, he makes a beeline for the garage, the one thought beclouding his mind is sinking into his wife’s body. He makes his way to his car, the driver is waiting, engine ready, he too may have sensed Oga’s urgency. “Kamiru we will stop at the super market first”, Gbenga says.

They make a detour to the mall close by and Gbenga heads straight for the liquor store, he picks up wifey’s favorite wine and a bottle of whiskey for himself, he also picks up a single red rose at the flower section. As he pays for his purchase, he can’t help the idiotic grin on his face, at the thought of going home to his Oreva.

If anyone had told him, that he would be shackling himself with the marital ball and chain, he could have scoffed at the idea. With his money and his looks, the world had been his, women were not exempted, Then he had met Oreva, she had literally swept him off his feet. Everyday with her was an adventure and a dream he never wanted to wake up from.

Kamiru drives into the premises of his residence and Gbenga is out the door in a flash, carrying just the single rose and his house key, he is too impatient to have the steward let him in. The dining table is set for dinner, he doesn’t see his wife in the kitchen or the living room.

Taking the stairs two at a time, he heads for the master bedroom, the sound of the shower running and Oreva’s discordant singing voice, gives up her location. He silently makes his way to the bathroom, he stands just behind her, watching her in the shower stall, the jiggle of her buttocks as she scrubs herself clean, is quite distracting.

This vision of her, sends his lust to roaring heights, Gbenga hastily takes of his clothes and joins her in the shower stall. He has an arm around her belly, pulling her to him. He holds her so tight that they are almost fused, her back and his chest. “I missed you all day”, he whispers in her ear, while biting her soft ear lobes.

His other hand travels to her beautiful breasts, tenderly he squeezes them and tugs at her nipples, they have gotten even harder from her arousal. His hand around her torso, travels slowly to her pubic region, he tenderly pulls the small smattering of hair there. Oreva quivers, head thrown back against his shoulders, she surrenders to her king.

Gbenga’s hands goes lower, to find the centre of her womanhood, her clitoris is swollen from lust. Catching them between his thumb and index finger, he squeezes them softly. She moans loudly, her thighs are shaking, she is barely able to stand.

He pushes her body to the bathroom wall, Oreva is trapped between the icy cold bathroom wall and the overwhelming heat of her husband’s chest. His fingers leave her clitoris, slowly making their way to the mouth of her vagina. He slides a finger inside of her, her response is immediate as her body tightly clamps around it, squeezing. The thought of his wife’s pussy, closing all around his dick and squeezing him, made Gbenga hot and cold at the same time.

While he finger fucks Oreva, his hands play with her nipples and his tongue kisses her ears and neck. He can feel the goose pimples form on her skin. She is restless and moves her waist to the pattern of his thrusting finger.

“Tell me how badly you want this cock”, he says, perpetuating each word with the thrust of his finger, deep inside of her. “Please” Oreva begs, as she moans louder. She reaches behind her to capture his hard, unyielding cock.

Gently she strokes the entire length of the veined shaft, then lovingly caresses the tip. His breathing becomes harsh, Gbenga is fast losing control.

He pulls her away from the bathroom wall, then bends her over, he has both his hands tightly around her waist, he nudges her thighs open, spreading them.

Gbenga impales her with his hard, thick cock, stretching her walls. He doesn’t move, but savors the sensation of burying himself inside of her. The warm wetness surrounding his shaft and the tightness as her walls begin to squeeze his rod tight.

“Easy there tiger”, holding on to his control by a thin thread, he begins to move, in and out. He looks down at their coupling and his penis is coated in her  juice. The rhythm of his thrusts quickens and Oreva’s buttocks vibrating to his thrusts was snatching whatever control he had left.

The noise of their intercourse fills the bathroom, her loud moans of pleasure, his grunts of restraints and the the pounding of their bodies as they collide.

He is begging her but she doesn’t listen as her pussy squeezes him even tighter, threatening to milk him. Her muscles clasp him so tight and her wetness surrounds him.

He is lost.

One final thrust, he spills his seed, deep inside the neck of her womb, her body does not stop milking him, squeezing every last drop from his cock. Gbenga disengages himself and pulls her up.

He washes them both, wrapping her in a towel, he lifts her and walks into their bedroom. He tenderly places her on the bed, “you will be the death of me” he whispers, just as he prepares to die again.




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  1. Ehhmmm ok so if she bent over as a newly disflowered coochie and was fucked from behind with a nice cock, then she gave a very impressive performance, how she was able to keep the legs up though, very courageous…


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