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Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Personal Assistant (Part One)


“Are you averse to crossing a personal line with your boss?” Tina is confused at the question from the interviewer, “Excuse me?”,the interviewer impatiently repeats himself, she is not sure what answer he expects to hear, but she is desperate to land this job, so she carefully considers her response.
Since she finished her NYSC, about 4 years ago, she had been at home without a job, it is important to impress her interviewers enough to get employed.

Without thinking, she blurts, “Not at all”, it is her assumption that ‘personal’ in this context meant, taking on more responsibilities beyond her job description as the Chairman’s Personal Assistant.

How wrong she is.


Her first encounter with her boss, unnerved her, on her first day of resumption at her new job, in her haste to get to work on time, she had carelessly crossed the street and was almost run over by a large SUV, Tina had not stopped to apologise to the motorist for carelessly crossing the street, instead she kept on moving, leaving the screech of brakes and the smell of burning rubber on asphalt quickly behind her. Sweaty and a little shaky, Tina makes an attempt to gather the last shred of her composure before she begins her day. It is important to leave a good impression with her mystery boss, as she would be meeting him for the first time. Although she is familiar with most of the staff in the company, she is yet to meet the chairman, who she would be working closely with.

The sudden change in the air and the crackle of a charismatic presence had Tina looking up from the papers scattered on her table. Standing a few steps away from her and staring at her rather intensely is a man impressively built, his gray afro stood like a halo over jolly bright eyes, his full pink lips are curved in a mischievous smile. Instinctively Tina knew this was her Oga, this man standing before her oozed power and wealth from every pore. His presence changed the ambiance of the entire office and his charisma felt like a blanket stifling unacceptable ‘office behaviour’.

In an intimidating baritone, he said “You are the young lady who almost had my head slamming against my dashboard, you came out of nowhere”. Tina is confused and then she recalls the events of this morning, “I am so sorry sir”, Tina mutters in mortification. “Are you my new assistant’, he asks, Tina is immediately on her feet as he confirms her suspicion, “Yes sir”. Briskly he walks passed her into his office, “get ready we leave for Abuja in 2 hours”.


Working with Oga is nothing she had experienced before, it entailed several late nights in the office, eating takeouts and drinking wine as they tackled task after task; it is several emergency trips around Nigeria. It is spontaneity, banter and delight, devoid of the stuffy essence of a ‘Nigerian Oga’. While the pace of work is fast, she had come to learn plenty and she enjoyed herself. Although Oga made her comfortable, he constantly kept her on her toes and there is no chance that her attitude to work will become complacent. There were not many like him, the fabric of his personality was a blend of impossible opposites – Oga is rigid as he is generous; brisk as he is patient; boyish as he is paternal. For a man well in his 60s, he exuded sex appeal without even trying, the mischievous curl of his lips is an innuendo in itself without words. Tina has no clue when the flimsy candle of awe for her boss had become a raging inferno of desire, one she hoped he did not see.

Maybe he did.


It is an exhausting day at the office and the night is far spent, Tina tries albeit unsuccessfully to keep her eyes open as she waits for Oga to finish his video call with his foreign partners, so she could go home. She lost the battle to keep sleep away and had nodded of on the couch as she waited, Tina is awakened by the subtle gust of air on her face. Hovering close to her face is Oga, “Wake up sleepy head”, he whispers. His voice feels like velvet on her skin, Tina did not want to open her eyes because doing that would break the magic of the moment. He leaned closer to her, so close that she could feel his lips, in encouragement she leaned forward and their lips connected. It is an explosion of pent up lust and desire, the silent witness between them.

Oga lifted her from the couch and placed her on his large mahogany desk, he is unconcerned that she may be resting on vital papers. He deepens the kiss and his tongue invades her mouth, without missing a beat, he pushes her back on the desk, his hands travel up her thighs, to lightly squeeze her hips. He bites her lips, eliciting a moan from her. His hands leave her hips to settle between her legs, she had no panties on, thus nothing blocked his sorjourn into her private place. Tina is a quivering mass of need, as oga’s fingers begin to lightly squeeze her clitoris. “Are you ready to cross that line?”, he punctuates each word with a light squeeze on her pleasure’s knob, in response she opened her legs wider.

This is everything she wanted and more, her skirt is in his way and she hiked it further up her thighs, so that there is nothing stopping him.

“Tina will you wake up, you are almost naked and why are you fingering yourself for Christ sake?”

Tina died a thousand times in her dreams, there is no redemption from this.

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