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Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Personal Assistant (Part Two) 18+


There is no returning from the blinding shame that dogged Tina’s every step, since the unpleasant incident that occurred in Oga’s office that unlucky night. After disgracing herself in the worst way, Tina had sent her resignation to the Chairman, who rejected it. While she still worked in the company, the scandal of that evening stood between them like the elephant in the room. This secret that none but just the two of them shared, became an unholy alliance between employer and employee.

Even worse, her lustful desire for Oga did not abate, the more she tried to quell it, the more it threatened to erupt like a volcano. The fact he did not acknowledge that he had seen her practically naked and her fingers digging into her p*ssy, left her  feeling invisible. While she still enjoyed her job, she had become withdrawn and uncomfortable around her boss, plus she is unprepared for the scheduled business meeting with her Oga in Dubai.


As is the custom whenever she travelled for business with the chairman, they shared a room, separated by a connecting door, because Oga needed her easily accessible and most times they worked far into the night. For the first time, the connecting door stood like a judge, she did not understand why Oga did not look at her, was she not woman enough? beautiful enough? These thoughts were what kept Tina tossing and turning through out the night, unable to sleep. Oga is just on the other side of the connecting door. Since she is already being judged for a sin she had not yet committed, she might as well.

Before she would change her mind, Tina gets out of bed, rushes into the bathroom to ensure she looked fresh and made her way to the connecting door, she is clad only in her sleep shirt with nothing underneath. Tina is standing at the door, trying to work up the courage to turn the knob and claim her destiny. The worst that could happen, if this went wrong, is leave the organization and this time she would not send a resignation letter that may be rejected. Slowly she turns the knob and steps into the dark room and smack into Oga’s silhouette. Just like her he is standing on the other side of the door, hands on the door knob and his hand comes up to steady her.


He is looking at her and she at him, slowly he bends his lips to catch hers, Tina is over the moon and surrenders herself to his power.  His arms go around her, pulling her close to him, she pinches herself to ensure that this is not a dream like the last time.  It is as real as ever, Oga’s kiss is tender and soft, obviously he is in no hurry to consume her, slowly he leads her to the bed, this is not the impatient seduction of a young man, this is the skilled seduction of a man sure of himself and his experience. She is laying on the bed, waiting for him to devour her, Oga takes his time and does not rush himself, before joining her in bed, he takes a gulp from the glass of whisky on the table.

When he joins her, he is kissing her again and she tastes the whisky on his lips, he takes his time, leaving her wanting more with just his kiss. Tina tries to explore his body, but he captures her hands in his, shaking his head, he discourages her exploration. Tina lies back and allows him worship her, quickly he removes her shirt, leaving her completely naked before him. Oga bends to kiss her again, his teeth catch her bottom lip and softly bites it, this slowness is maddening for Tina, she needs him to possess her quickly, she is afraid he would change his mind, but he doesn’t. His lips leave hers to travel down her neck, leaving his trail of liquid fire, they find her breasts, nipples erect begging for attention and he bites and suckles them, Tina arch her back to meet his lips.


Oga’s lips leave her breasts trailing his liquid fire down her belly, to rest between her legs, in response, Tina spreads them even wider, his lips begin to kiss the lips between her legs, it is slow and passionate, his tongue begin to caress her clitoris, his tongue leaves her clitoris and licks the entire length of her labia. Tina holds his head as if hanging on for dear life. The pleasure travelling from between her legs through her body is so intense and she tries to push him away, but he is going nowhere, he is unperturbed that she is unraveling before him. His tongue leaves her labia and finds its way to the entrance of her portal, his circles the entrance and then goes in, she is begging, pleading for him to take her, Oga will not be rushed, his fingers take the place of his tongue and he inserts one and then two, his tongue gets busy again on her clitoris. The movement of his fingers inside of her and the way he feverishly sucked and licked her clitoris is too much for Tina and she tries to push his head away, but he is not having it. He encourages her to cum on his face, she tries to resist but fails, as she shatters into a million pieces, Tina squirts her essence all over his face, even then he does not stop his torture, as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her, until she goes limp.

Oga kisses her, with her juice still on his lips, the mix of whisky and her essence is a heady feeling, he holds her in his arms till she falls asleep. This is the line she was warned about and she would cross it again and again.

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