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#TodayInHistory: Remembering #TheAluu4: Four Years After, Still No Justice!


A glimpse into the past on this day October 5:

2012- Today In Nigeria’s history we remember innocent souls who were brutally murdered by a blood thirsty mob in Aluu community in Rivers State – #TheAluu4- Chiadika Lordson, Ugonna Kelechi Obusor, Mike Lloyd Toku, and Tekena Elkanah. All undergraduates of the University of Port Harcourt, the four were lynched to death over alleged theft of a laptop computer and a blackberry phone. Later reports say they got involved with a “cultist”  in a bid to get their money back from a “debtor”, but were mistaken for robbers and murdered in cold blood.  Till date, the perpetrators of the inhumane act have not been brought to book.

timthumb aluu

2011 – Steve Jobs, 56, the Apple founder and former chief executive who transformed everyday technology from the personal computer to the iPod and iPhone, died in Palo Alto, California following his stuggle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 56.

steve Jobs

2004 – Professional golfer Tiger Woods (28) weds former Swedish model Elin Nordegren (24) at Sandy Lane Resort in St. James, Barbados.

Gala Dinner For 35th Ryder Cup

2007 – Actress Reese Witherspoon (30) divorces actor Ryan Phillippe (32) due to irreconcilable differences after 7 years of marriage.

World Teachers’ Day (International) – Teachers play a very vital role in educating future , so it’s important to show gratitude by celebrating them. Without teachers, there’ll be no future!

International Day of No Prostitution (International) –  Aimed about raising awareness about prostitution and its dangers. The first celebration was in 2002.  


1962 –  The Beatles release their first single in the UK “Love Me Do”  which got massive reception.


2012 – Puerto Rican boxer Orlando Cruz became the first active boxer to publicly come out as gay. Cruz made his announcement just weeks before his Featherweight title fight against Jorge Pazos.


We close the history books today in sorrow… as we do what we only can – hope for justice! May the Aluu four continue to rest in peace…


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  1. So Justice haven’t been sought yet for the #Aluu4? OMG!!! Four years later?
    Dreams cut short at its prime.

    This is why I get pissed with the Nigerian judicial system every time, if its about contesting against an election result, you see them in court 24/7.
    Its involving lives now, and that matter has gone with the wind just like that. Why? Why?
    And the last time the matter was given attention was in 2012. Imagine!
    And we have authorities abi?


  2. 4 years are already, still no justice for Aluu4.
    Lynching is still commonly practised in Nigeria.
    How we manage to sleep at night after perpetuating the act eludes me. How we manage to justify it even scares me. Our hypocrisy stinks.
    Still no justice for them. It is so very sad. So sad.

    International day of no prostitution, really?
    Okay o. Hope the awareness is for both the patrons and patronesses too. And in addition to safety and all that, alternatives are being made available to them? Hmmm.

    Rest on Steve Jobs, your legacy lives on.

    Happy Teachers’ day to all the amazing teachers out there who work tirelessly and give their all.
    Especially to my mum. An English teacher. I love that woman! I swear she does not play with her job at all; be it JSS 1 or SS 3 she is teaching, she gives her all to it.
    Shout out to every teacher that has taught me and made an impact in my life.
    God bless our teachers.

  3. The ALUU 4. Its sad. Really sad. I remember I couldn’t bring myself to watch the videos and when I finally tried to watch one, I could not. Just some seconds into it and I flung the phone. I was all tears.

    The justice system in this country leaves one sick. The glee with which we resort to jungle justice is worrisome. We turn to cannibals in a split of a second. We become vampires. Blood sucking demons. No place for trials. We sentence people anyhow. Its sad.
    May their souls rest in peace!

    Steve Jobs: The world needs more of your type. Thinkers. World changers. You made your impact. It’s still been felt.

    International Day of kini? Ok naa. Just jearing this for the first time. Is there anything we don’t have an international day for?
    The emphasis is always on the females, forgetting that the males enable such. Without them, there’d be nothing like that. Sadly, our society hardly forgives an ex-prostitute. We always attach that name to her name, even if it was donkey years ago she left the trade. Even our Bibles too. We will always hear about mary Magdalene the Prostitute, Rehab the Prostitute, and the likes. Their profession becomes their identity. No one asks for the guys who enabled such.

    And happy International Teachers day TO ALL TEACHERS, especially Nigerian Teachers! It’s not been an easy task teaching kids in an environment like ours. Continue to do your best. Your reward is not only in Heaven.

    Its here..on earth!

    • No be small thing Esther….
      I wonder also if there’s anything that doesnt have international day…lol

      For the “International day of No prostitution” it woild be nice to have;”International day of Not patronizing prostitutes”

  4. Heaven knows that I am sick and tired of courts adjourning cases.. What in God’s name is their problem sef?
    Why can’t they bring the culprits to book so that the ALUU 4 can finally rest in peace? I can imagine what their mom’s would be going through as I have walked the path before.
    We definately cannot bring them back but we can make sure they get justice even in d

    May justice be served and may their souls rest in perfect peace.

    Steve Jobs left his mark on the sands of time.. I wish a cure could be found for Cancer as the ailment is spreading like wild fire.

    May his soul rest in the blossom of the Lord.

    The name Tiger woods seems to be fading away fast..
    Has he remarried?
    Was his separation also for unreconcilable differences?
    Well, for dat side dem no send!

    Witherspoon is also one of my best. I fell in love with her when she proved to her sneaky yam head boyfriend that you do not necessarily have to be rich and famous to get into Harvard but you need brains and smartness.

    Teachers reward they say is in heaven..but like Ben Bruce rightly said a few days ago, the teacher’s deserve to be paid higher than them. He also moved the motion that they should all have their salaries cut!

    For Naija? E no go work o.
    Ben Bruce just dey try to get plenty likes as people bin don dey dislike the common sense Senator!
    Me sef as an old teacher I still dey patiently wait for my reward on earth and then collect another one when I reach the other side.

    This prostitution wey dem write here..How dem wan take create awareness?
    We don dey aware finish o na to stamp am out be the main issue.

    All hail the beetles!
    May God bless them for every song that have sang!

    Sometimes I shudder to think of what would happen if a married man was caught pants down with another man.. Gay men are coming out the closet fast..
    I wonder I they know what they are doing!


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