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Was Tonto Dikeh Right About Her Ex Husband Olakunle Churchill?


How delicious it is to catch a whiff of scandal from Nigerian celebrities, the latest person to get trolled and to experience bad limelight is none other that Tonto Dikeh’s Ex, Olakunle Churchill.

Days ago, he was dragged by a woman claiming to be his ex girlfriend, Zainab Rufai. In her social media tirade, she claimed that she dated Olakunle Churchill, before he met his first wife, Bimbo Coker and later on Tonto Dikeh.

Zainab Rufai also alleged that Churchill used her and then abandoned her, thus what he is currently experiencing with his wives, was the beginning of his Karma. In her long tirade, she practically called the self acclaimed business man and philanthropist a con artiste and social climber hungry for recognition.

Throwback photo of Churchill and Zainab

A reason why fans find this tirade against Churchill quite interesting, is the fact it is similar to Tonto Dikeh’s accusations, when their marital crisis degenerated into a nasty and bitter social media war.

It became a scenario of ‘He said she said’ and the duo struck the other below the belt. Tonto Dikeh called her estranged husband’s unprintable names at the time, she even called him a con artist and boot licker. She said the lifestyle he is quick to show the world on social media is founded on lies and she believed them, hence their marriage founded on falsehood.

The rather controversial actress put Olakunle Churchill’s paternity in the limelight. As he was quick to let everyone know that former President Olusegun Obasanjo is his father, Tonto debunked the notion, claiming he is the former president’s gardener’s son.

She also went further to accuse him of domestic violence, alleging that he would beat her blue and black. The actress at this time had support from fans who were screaming for Churchill’s head. Not until a video of her being the aggressor, while hitting him was leaked on social media and this effectively put all of her allegations against him into question.

Nigerians chalked her diatribe to be that of a scorned woman getting even. In light of Zainab Rufai’s Instagram posts, can we say that Tonto Dikeh was right afterall?

Is Olakunle Churchill everything both women accuse him of?

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