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Tonto Dike’s style moments


Fierce,fun beautiful! Actress and songstress Tonto Dike celebrates her birthday today, and we at happenings fashion celebrate with her. Tonto is known for her edgy chic style, usually styled by her personal stylist, Jerry, she brings her clothes to life with her vibrant personality and fierce poses. Here are four fun looks from our favorite TV star


This is a pretty casual outfit which could go for a number of occasions. But the lapel of that blazer is risky, and could look askew if you’re not careful,I love the print pants, it’s a very cool outfit.


This dress is ill fitting to say the least, the silhouette wasn’t cut properly, the fabric keeps folding everywhere,the cut out bust detail is kitsch, the hair then worsened her dilemma, let’s not talk of the shoes. But it’s an old picture, so we know she’s gotten better.


Now this is more like it, though the lace appliques are almost overwhelming her, she survives. I love the tulle trims and purse but the hair did her no favors. The dress has a high neck, then she wore a full fringe which only helped to shorten her features. An updo would have sufficed. People often forget that their hair is a determining factor in the outcome of your outfit.


Now this monochrome was slayed to the tee. I love to pair same colours together just for fun, and this was well done. Keeping it simple, she accessorizes with black. Top points.

Tonto Dike might not always frequent the red carpet, but she has the carriage to make whatever she wears work, she just needs to find a correlation between her outfits and her hair. Happy birthday

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