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TOP 5: Most Expensive Breakfasts In The World


As we all know, the breakfast is the most important meal of the day; the question is, are you willing to spend a fortune on a 15 minutes meal? It is ridiculous right? Well, it is certain that some people spend a huge sum of amount ranging from N9, 720 to N6.1M – whether it’s due to the location of the restaurant, or the ingredients used in the preparing these meal. From mushroom to Eggs royal and bacon bling these are the top 5 most expensive breakfasts in the world.

5) Bacon Bling breakfast sandwich


Over the years bacon has been addition to a diet plan when it is eaten in proper serving sizes. Tangberrys Coffee House in western England is the home to the most expensive Bacon called “Bacon Bling breakfast sandwich”. This mouthwatering meal includes bacon from rare pig breeds, truffle, watercress, saffron and an egg all cooked in truffle oil, sprinkled with real gold dust and served between a bun. The meal sells for N37,500.

4) Omelette


Call it ridiculous or just trying to make a statement, that won’t the fact that a New York based restaurant (Le Parker Meridien) serves up a N162,000 omelette.  So why is this omelette any different from the standard our regular homemade ones? This tantalizing delicacy is stuffed with lobster – one whole lobster, to be exact – and topped off with a nice pile of caviar. Due to the interest from the middle class citizens, the restaurant also introduced a micro version that includes only one ounce of caviar and sells for N16,000.

3) Doughnut


If you constantly crave new designs of gold or diamond accessories, now you can have them in edible form too, all thanks to Krispy Kremes’s most expensive doughnut in the world which was rolled out in honor of the national doughnut week earlier this year.

The fabulous treat is filled with Dom Perignon champagne jelly, and is topped with a 24-carat gold leaf, white chocolate flowers dusted in gold and edible diamonds. The doughnut sells for an unbelievable sum of N421,250.

2) Breakfast at Tiffany’s


When it comes to living the life you have dream of having, to what extent can you go to making it a reality – does it include spending N5.5 million on breakfast at Tiffany’s – a feast hosted by Chambord, the French black raspberry liqueur.

The breakfast includes a croissant covered in edible gold and jewels, Bar le Duc hand-seeded redcurrant jam, Kopi Luwak coffee, and a champagne and Chambord cocktail. All this was served from a bottle covered in gold and encrusted with real pearls and diamonds. How luxurious would you expect your breakfast to be? Perfect.


1) Tray of Australian Mangoes


For fruit lovers, have you ever imagined spending so much to purchase a crate of mangoes for breakfast? Lavishing a whooping sum of N66.4M on a tray of first-harvest mangoes won’t be much of a big deal if you among the top billionaires in Africa.

At the Brisbane Produce Markets Charity Auction, which sees first harvested food crops go for auction. Sam Coco was the proud buyer of the fruits at the 2010 edition of the auction.


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