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Is the Trend of House Wives Getting Outdated?


Iphie Nath

The world is tilting daily towards housemaids and creches, as career mothers and wives are on the rise, thus leaving the growth and psychological development of children in the hands of external care givers and paid helps. The question becomes valid, is the trend of house wives and home makers getting outdated?

A house wife is a woman whose primary occupation or responsibility, is to run the home. Sadly hers is a particularly grueling task and she is not paid. Just like the career woman with a boss;her boss will be her family: husband and kids. Their needs and wants constantly influence decisions or actions she takes.

Being a housewife involves a vast spectrum of duties such as taking care of the children, caring for the husband, cooking, and cleaning.

In my opinion, choosing to be a housewife, does not make a woman a failure. Thus I find it ridiculous when men begin to think like that.

As more and more women opt to be career driven mothers, who then raises the child that has the future of a society resting upon his or her shoulders? This is not a diatribe to tear down career women, while uplifting home makers. This is to show that career wife or house wife, every woman has an important role to play. None is above the other, as is the popular opinion that career wives are better than house wives.

For the group of people who think being a house wife is synonymous to being lazy, theirs is a narrow minded definition of what the true essence of a home maker is.

It gets so bad that it has begun to affect the choice of a spouse, as young men now search for working class ladies when searching for wives.

The statement, ‘‘No man wants a to marry a liability’’, is recklessly thrown around. Mothers sit their young daughters down, to tell tales of how they need to get an education and a good job to support their husbands when they are married.

For women who are career- driven and opt to care for their family financially, theirs is also a noble endeavour.

Career wife or House wife, both roles are important, and one should not be left to think less of herself, because she doesn’t bring in the physical finances. While the benefits of a house wife may be abstract, it doesn’t make it any less important.

A woman can choose to be what she wants to be, with her partner’s support and should not be ridiculed, if she would rather stay home, nurturing and building her home and children.




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  1. Great article Iphie! There is honour in being either a housewife or a career woman. But I’d like to encourage career women not to totally abandon the duty of overseeing the growth and psychological development of their children in the hands of strangers, nothing beats a mother being there for her family in the ways that matter most.

  2. I agree that both housewives and career driven wives should be placed on same echelon in the eyes of the public and in the hearts of their loved ones but if a career driven wife has the same intellectual build up as a professional housewife, with the cooperation of the offsprings and the spouse; a career woman is a ‘hero’.
    The role of a housewife is very clear but a career woman who is quite adept in tackling children’s dilemmas and who is quite motivating as well is what a child needs. There may be need for a maid sometimes but when there is a will, there is a way and this doesn’t exclude taking care of kids. Understanding here is the key.
    The cooperation of the spouse is also quite paramount, when there is the housewife, she is deemed to know all about the child and taking care of him or her as a major role. The duty of tending to the needs of the child on the man’s part besides finance and its appurtenances becomes something like a ‘boring part time one credit elective’, more like almost a triviality. He only needs do little because he believes the wife who’s always at home is doing a great job. Sometimes she even pitches to him certain actions that he should take towards the child because she is deemed to be an expert as it is but with a career wife, the duty of tending to the needs of the child works pari passu between both parents. The career wife may not be an expert at tending to her kids and will be forgiven because she has invested more of her time in her career but there must be a balance of parenting. Its that simple. A housewife will be treated like a professional in this facet of her womanhood but a career woman will be treated with concession as to playing housewife roles.
    So, if a career wife has at least 51% of the qualities of a dedicated housewife, well, she is a hero but if the case be vice versa, the housewife becomes a career wife more or less.
    Housewives are becoming quite extinct because ignorance I believe is fading away from the global populace. Men are feeling quite secure about their marriages these days but to know why housewives are becoming extinct nowadays please see the state of the economy for more details as to why…


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