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Tutorial Sunday: How to attach your falsies yourself


False lashes are gaining so much popularity and with the increase in affordable brands, more ladies are keying into the trend. It might be easy peasy for some to just throw on their falsies over their lids because they do not have curly lashes but ladies with curly lashes find it more difficult to attach falsies. Hence I have two tutorial videos that makes life easier for all types of lashes. I have very curly lashes thus I have kept away from falsies as the never stay on but since I found the second procedure it’s been better.

Wearing Falsies above you lashline:

This is the regular way of attaching your falsies and though it has it’s pro and cons, it’s definitely very suitable and safe for a lot of people. Here is a tutorial video teaching you how to attach false lashes for beginners.

Wearing falsies underneath the lashline

Honestly,this is my go-to technique because of my super curly lashes. This might not seem safe because some people could get it in their eyes, hence it requires a steady hand. Watch the videos and tell us which you’d rather use.

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