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Uk Records First Monkeypox Case


A Nigerian has been identified as the initial source of the first ever recorded case of Monkeypox in the United Kingdom.

According to Guardian UK, The rare viral infection was recorded on Friday in a Nigerian national, staying at a naval base in Cornwall.

The Public Health England, who made the announcement said the patient was transferred to the infectious disease unit at the Royal Free hospital in London on Saturday morning.

The patient is believed to have contracted the infection in Nigeria before travelling to the UK.

PHE said in a statement: “People without symptoms are not considered infectious but, as a precaution, those who have been in close proximity are being contacted to ensure that if they do become unwell they can be treated quickly.”

PHE said monkeypox does not spread easily and most patients recover within a few weeks, but it can cause severe illness in some people. Initial symptoms include fever, headache, aching muscles, backache, swollen lymph nodes, chills and exhaustion.

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