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On Unleashing the Piss and Gross Indiscipline


Just when you would think Nigerians can’t get anymore lawless, they come up with several disgraceful mannerisms that have you feeling disgusted and ashamed. It is sad that our society’s ethos is one that allows for blatant indiscipline and impertinence.

There I was in traffic yesterday, and I saw something so disgusting that it fills me with rancor, relieving the incident. I am sitting in rush-hour traffic, listening to some music playing from my car stereo; I don’t remember exactly what it was, playing, I was more concerned with tamping down my rising impatience at the gridlock. As is the case with Lagos traffic, several drivers step out of their vehicles, laden with curiousity, at why the traffic had refused to ease.

A few vehicles from mine is an SUV with a driver who steps out. I remember mildly observing, not a bad looking man, middle class-ish, he stood peering into the traffic, like everybody else, then comes a groping motion, the bend of his knees, a mild modification to his silhouette and the forward thrust of his buttocks.

It is unbelievable to me as this young man brings out his manhood in traffic and pees right there, without a care in the world, he is not a vagrant, but a car driving, working class member of society. My jaws drop, as I am sure yours is, right now.

Before I am drowned with rejoinders of “he just harmlessly answered the call of nature”, I ask: couldn’t he park his car and walk civilly to any public establishment with a functional restroom? Watching his urine droplets stain his car door unto the road, just fills me with revulsion.

When Nigerians travel to nations where things are done in an orderly manner, we conform but are quick to let loose our barbarism when we are back home.

If human wastes, were meant to be flung about like debris, it is doubtful, toilets would have been created. Lately, it has been in the news that there is an outbreak of cholera, presently ravaging several communities in Lagos and then you ask yourself, how is this even possible in 2017. That vestiges of our filth and carelessness, comes back to bite us in the a**, quite literally, isn’t that what cholera is; vomiting and stooling of the worst kind.

We must be orderly and civil, when we answer the call of nature, furthermore we must never forget to wash our hands, as our offending brother doesn’t do, he is sure to buy plantain chips from the hawker in the next bus stop, with those filthy hands of his



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  1. I saw something similar to this today… It was worse than the above scenario cuz d offending persons came down from the car on a very freely flowing traffic and went to the front of a person’s gate and did the do.. ’twas an eccentric craze… They coulda crossed d road and gone to a nearby unoccupied piece of land at the least but no, they had to go, face d road and open deir businesses to passersby… And to think they were only just coming outta their house.. It’s so unfortunate that people still unashamedly support the act with different kinds of excuses abt being pressed… One day just like this offender if people aren’t careful, they’ll meet their waterloo… I rily wish u caught his face

  2. While the cultural aversion to performing basic bodily functions in the open air is widespread, all too often it is tested by immediate physical pressures. At the end of the day it’s about decency. My open question to all is health, safety and decency which is more important? There are couple of things one have to consider before making judgement as to where a driver takes a pee is decent or not. The person could have a medical condition or Safety issue. It is probably safer to pull over at the side of the road for a pee, than to be distracted thinking about it and not concentrating fully on driving safely. If you crash, you would wet yourself anyway. With no availability of public toilet, shops, filling station and restaurant will not allow you to use thier convenience without commitment.
    You are driving along an unfamiliar road. An urgent dilemma nags at both your bladder and your conscience.
    With no public toilets in sight or somewhere discreet to pull over. Do you carry on in discomfort?
    Ito, the young man in question, was decent enough to be a bit discreet while taking a pee. Under the circumstance, there is no end insight to his dilemma with heavy traffic and lack of immediate convenience.
    This anti-social behaviour can be reduce by building a lot of public toilet at strategic places and enact a policy making it mandatory for all public place (restaurant, shops and petrol station) to make thier toilet available to members of the public on request.


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