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WRITTEN BY: Dame Valuta

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… Welcome to a new week with new blessings and miracles. This week, we bring you a New bumper Web-Series titled UNWILLING GROOM. As with other stories from this stable, this new series is packed with intrigues, unexpected turns and of course the usual dose of erotica to titillate your senses. Please read, share and send in your comments.






Kingsley sat in the living room in miffed silence. His mother, uncles and several kinsmen from the village had gathered around to discuss his life; his future… and his seeming irresponsibility. First, he had been ordered back, unceremoniously, from the U.K. To add to his embarrassment, his mother had seized his international passport and kicked him out of their home. Unbothered, he had moved into one of his mother’s empty flats in Dolphin estate and continued life as he knew it… partying, living large, drinking and frolicking with the ladies. His meddling mother had then stepped in to ruin him further by cutting off his allowance, thereby killing his street cred and all round coolness. He glared at his mother for the umpteenth time and shook his head as she and several others mapped out his life.

“I take responsibility for his behavior. I spoilt him. I turned him to this bag of uselessness that he is. As my only child, I felt I could protect him forever. I felt bailing him out of the many problems he entered was a way to make him see reason. But now, I know better. Look at him… He will be 29 in a few months… He already has three children from three different women. He can’t hold down a job and he has no sense of responsibility.” His mother sounded like she was mourning the loss of a child. That irked him more.

“Marry a wife for him. Marriage makes men responsible.” His good-for-nothing maternal uncle chimed in. Kingsley didn’t bother to waste his glare on him.

“What girl will be willing to marry this one? Look at him? See how endless drinking and partying has turned him into a destitute…” His mother spat out.

Kingsley leaned back on his chair with a nonchalance that was meant to irritate everyone. His action was noted and replied with pitying head shakes and a loud, disgusted hiss from his mother. He smiled at her with a wicked glint in his eyes and sniggered when she turned away, her body stiff with anger. As with her other plans regarding him, he was sure this one would fail too. All he had to do was sit back and watch it all crumble.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   

“You can’t be serious! How can you be getting married?” Ethel asked in an incredulous voice.

Kingsley said nothing. He was already embarrassed as it were and answering or furnishing Ethel with further details would only make his case seem more pathetic. He watched her light up a stick of cigarette, wishing she would come join him in bed so he could fuck his frustration away; but she was pissed off. She took a few drags, blew out smoke then pinned him with eyes filled with venom.

“Wait… So in 2013, your mother makes all the decisions for you? She tells you who and what to marry?? And you just agree????” Her look of disgust rankled.

“Ethel… I’m not in the best of moods right now. Why don’t you kill that cigarette and come to bed?” He did his best to push back his anger.

“Come to bed so that what will happen? So you can fuck me and then when your mother blows her whistle, you hop right away in the middle of sex and go answer her like an obedient dog?”

“That was uncalled for” he replied, hurt at the simile.

“Look baby… You and I are in love. You know what we’ve got is pure. You can’t let your mother and her grandiose plans ruin our love. You cannot! Tell her to fuck off and let’s get out of here. We can relocate to Ghana. My dad’s got a house in Kumasi.”

“My mom’s got my passport.” He replied sheepishly. Ethel sighed and shook her head.

“That is your British passport! Don’t you have a Nigerian Passport?”

“No, I don’t. Never thought I’d need it anyways,” He said.

“Then get one!!! its just fifteen thousand Naira for Pete’s sake!” Ethel was bristling now at his obvious inability to think fast.

He wanted to explain to her that he didn’t have up to five thousand Naira in his account, but doing that would make her even more infuriated. Besides, he was done talking. All he wanted to do was make love and sleep, hoping that the nightmare his life had become would fade away. He got up, opened up the windows, despite the air-conditioner being on, and returned to bed. His face was set in a hard mask as Ethel ranted on and on, making plans for them to elope and occasionally throwing in insults at his inability to stand up for his right. When she finally realized he wasn’t responding, she stopped and stared at his angry, silent self. With a sigh, she switched to plea-mode.

“Baby, come on. You can’t just roll over and play dead. You can’t marry because your mother wants you to. It’s totally barbaric.” She said.

“Ethel, I’m done talking about this, ok. Let it rest.” His tone was hard and unyielding.

She sighed and went to him, kneeling beside the bed and reaching out to touch him on his lower belly.

“I’m sorry honey. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. I was just so angry at the news… Let me make you feel better. You want me to make you feel better?” She asked with a mischievous smile.

He smiled at her and unzipped his jeans. He wasn’t wearing boxers so his semi-hard penis was let loose.

“Yes… Kiss it and make it feel better.” His smile grew.

Ethel climbed on the bed and leaned down towards his crotch. She grabbed his penis, squeezed it lightly and smiled as it throbbed in response. She covered it with her mouth, sucking on the tip tenderly and was rewarded by its enlargement. With a sigh, she took him deeper in her mouth, slurping, licking and sucking him greedily. He grabbed her head, pushing it up and down, thrusting and out of her mouth, seeking his pleasure and release in his frantic movement. Unable to hold back, he pulled out of her, urging her to climb on top of him and ride him. Ethel did as he wished. She sat astride him, guided his stiff dick towards her slippery center and sat on him, gasping as he grabbed her waist and pushed in deeper. Pushing her chest forward till her breasts jiggled before his face, she began to move back and forth, moaning out loud as they pleasured themselves… She moving on top of him… He pushing into her from below. They fucked hard, each using sex as an avenue to unleash inner frustration. As the intensity grew, he pushed her away, changing their position and claiming his place on top of her. He penetrated her again, ramming her hard till their bodies slapped and made erotic noises. Ethel neared her peak and knew he was almost there also. She dug her nails into his buttocks, lifted her pelvis to meet his thrusts, urging him with her movements that she wanted him to go in deeper. Kingsley pushed in deeper and deeper, his buttocks clenching as he pushed past the barrier of pleasure, erupting inside her and filling her up with his creamy jizz. He lay on top of her, spent but sated and with a sigh of contentment, she wrapped her arms around him.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

His mother was considerate enough to ensure that he set eyes on his would-be bride a few day before their introduction slash engagement slash traditional marriage. The girl looked plain, nervous and eager to please him. He hated her instantly and wished he had enough balls to follow up on Ethel’s plans and elope with her. He treated his bride-to-be with an aloof reticence that made the young girl confused. Though he didn’t blame her for being a part of this elaborate scheme to ruin his life, he wasn’t adverse to making her pay for it; if only to make his mother regret her incessant meddling. On the day of his traditional marriage, he was flat out drunk and behaved so badly, his mother and bride had wept in shame. But, the marriage had still gone on. The night of his wedding, he spent it throwing up all over their hotel suite, making his young bride clean up after him till he’d passed out in exhaustion. His honeymoon had to be cut short because his bride had called her parents and asked to return home because her husband was an alcoholic. The whole situation spiraled out of control when they returned to their matrimonial home and he left almost immediately and didn’t return home until four days later.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

His mother summoned him and his wife a day after he returned to the house. She’d sent her driver and police escort to fetch him and as he stepped into her huge living room, Kingsley was surprised to find her alone.

“Morning mum” he said in a gruff voice.

The older woman did not respond. He noticed for the first time that she looked tired and had bags under her eyes and seemed like she wasn’t feeling too well. A part of him tugged in guilt but he squashed it quickly and pursed his lips, wondering what her next scheme for his life was. She pushed an envelope towards him, let out what sounded like a resigned sigh and smiled weakly.

“Sign that and you’re free from me and all my meddling – as you put it.” She said.

Sudden alarm bells rang out in his head but he acted calm and picked up the envelope, pulling out the contents. The documents were from her lawyers and the alarm bells rang out louder.

“You don’t mind if I read them, do you?” He asked his mother coldly.

She didn’t respond. Instead, she leaned back on her favorite armchair and closed her eyes. Kingsley took the documents towards a sofa, sat down and began to skim through them. There was a pregnant silence as he read the documents, his heart racing with anger and pain. After he was done, he dropped the documents on the floor and turned to stare at his mother, whose eyes were still shut.

“You want me to sign these documents disowning and disinheriting me?” He asked in a small voice.

“Kingsley… I’m tired. I will not allow you kill me and inherit my sweat. Your father abandoned us when you were barely a year old and I raised you up single-handedly, without family help. I returned to Nigeria and hustled to make sure you had the best of everything and all you’ve done to say ‘Thank you’ is become a liability to yourself and to me. I cannot continue anymore.” She told him in a resigned voice.

“You cannot disown me mother. You cannot. I’m your only child.” He told her stubbornly. She smiled at him and even managed a small chuckle.

“You’re not my only child. I have adopted children who have made me proud and have excelled in all they’ve set out to do. And I know they will still make me proud with their future endeavors. As for you and the bastard children you have all over the place, you will not get a penny from me. Whether you sign the document or not, it doesn’t matter. My lawyers already have their instructions. Now, leave my house and never step foot back here or you’ll be arrested for trespassing. I have instructed your wife’s family to come and get their daughter. You are also advised to leave my house a month from now. You’re not my tenant and you have no legal rights there.” Her eyes were open now and she was looking at him with cold, emotionless eyes.

“You can’t do this to me mother. Its not done!” He protested.

“You are an embarrassment and a useless child. A curse maybe for something I did in the past. But I will not take it anymore. I know women who don’t have children and are living just fine. I have communicated my thoughts with God and I have made peace with myself. Rather than watch you send me to the grave, its better you be rooted out of my life. I see the hatred in your eyes. I don’t need the ingratitude. I know if you had a choice, you would kill me to get your hands on my money and properties…” She spat out.

“Mother!!! How can you say that about me? That is not only malicious, it is also a very unfair thing to say about your own son.” Kingsley cut in, truly upset. His mother got up angrily, her eyes flashing in rage.

“You are not my son!!! I curse you. I curse you Kingsley. For all the sweat and toil I have suffered… For all the sleepless nights… For all the troubles you put me through… Kingsley, I curse you. Get out of my house. Get out!!!” She screamed at him.

Kingsley, horrified, backed out of the house, stumbling over a chair and almost sprained his ankle. He had never seen his mother this upset or angered. She looked deranged in her rage and a piece of him shattered to a million pieces. He hurried out of the house, confused and numb.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

His mother’s lawyer was in his living room when he returned home. Kingsley eyed him in disdain, not feeling the need to be civil to the man he now regarded as a traitor.

“What?” He asked the lawyer rudely.

The lawyer handed him a thick, black ‘bagco’ bag, filled with money.

“That’s five million Naira. That should be enough to get you started with life on your own. It should get you a nice mini-flat and sustain you till you decide what to do with your life. You have two weeks to leave this place.” The lawyer said.

“Fuck you! This is my mother’s house and I’m going no where!” He told the lawyer and snatched the bag of money from him.

The lawyer laughed; a mocking gutsy sound that grated on his nerves intensely.

“You’re an ungrateful fool and I’m glad your mother finally came to her senses and realized that you will be nothing more than a spoilt, never-do-well dimwit with a slothful spirit and an unrepentant soul. Two weeks, or you’ll be thrown out like the rat that you are!” The lawyer spat out coldly, then turned and walked out of the house.

His words hurt Kingsley more but looking at the money in the bag, he shook it off and chuckled happily. Picking up his phone, he dialed Ethel

“Hey baby… Better start getting things ready. This weekend, we relocate to Ghana!” He told her and laughed as her loud scream rang out from the phone.

With the phone still pressed to his ear, his wife emerged from the room, dressed in jeans, a T-shirt, modest converse sneakers. She dragged out, first, one huge box, then she disappeared into the room and returned dragging out another box and then, without so much as looking at him, she sat on one of the sofas and smiled to herself. Ethel was still jabbering on the other line when Kingsley cut the call and looked at his wife, a sudden anger growing inside him.

“What are you so happy about?” He asked her irritably. 

She said nothing.

“I’m talking to you! Why are you smiling? Is this all a big joke to you? I’m now a comedian right?” He asked her, walking towards her menacingly.

When he got to her side, she calmly looked up at him, her mouth set in a smile but her eyes cold with hate.

“You are a big joke… And I smiled because I am finally free from this whole situation. I did nothing wrong in this life to deserve this punishment that my family put me through. Now I’m glad you will live out your cursed life without me in the picture.” She told him in a voice that was barely above a whisper.

Kingsley’s anger roared and he lifted his hand to hit her. But she was fast. She dodged the slap and moved away from the chair, her face set in defiant lines as she stared at him from the opposite side of the bedroom.

“Only a cursed man will raise his hand to hit a woman. Only a cursed man will treat his own mother with such disregard. I swear to God, if your hand touches me, the five million Naira will be spent in a vain attempt to keep you alive. Just try it!” She said.

At that moment, the door opened and her Father and Uncle entered the house. The older men took in the situation and turned to her.

“Are you ok? Did he do anything to you? Because if he did, he will suffer o?”

Kingsley was stunned. Like a veil that had been lifted, he stared at his wife and her father. It suddenly dawned on him that these people did not regard him as a human being. They regarded him like an animal. A wild, untamed, uncultured animal.

“Are those your bags?” Her uncle asked her.

She nodded. Her father and uncle went for her luggage and suddenly, everything in him snapped. He shoved the old men aside and grabbed his wife possessively.

“She is my wife and she is not going anywhere!!!” He announced.

A deadly silence filled the room.











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