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Unwilling Groom 3


 WRITTEN BY: Dame Valuta

Good Morning…


… Here’s wishing us all the very best of this week and its fullness. Unwilling Groom continues this week with an unusual twist. Read, share and comment your thoughts on the story thus far.







Kingsley pulled away – slowly – from her, his smile still in place. He knew she had felt his hard-on. It had been an unexpected reaction to the kiss he had planted on her cheek to wipe her tears and it confused him slightly. Sex was the furthest thing from his mind at the moment and his body didn’t react so recklessly when he hugged any member of the opposite sex. He needed to put some distance between them so he could think. Maybe the hard-on was a strange reaction to all the medication he’d been administered during his stay at the hospital.


“I’m a little tired” he told her.


“That’s true…. Come, let me show you inside. You want to shower? I haven’t had time to make anything but I can dash across the road to get you some fast-food.”

She spoke hurriedly, using the words as a distraction. He knew he made her nervous and hated himself more for it. As she led him into the bedroom, he let out a sigh and made a solemn promise to himself that he would definitely make things up to her for her kindness. Gift left the house, her mind a confused mess. She hadn’t imagined the bulge. She had felt it and the part of her body that it pressed on tingled at the thought. But he didn’t want her. He had pushed away from her. She was sure he didn’t think her attractive or sexually appealing and the thought hurt. It had been a month since they’d gotten married and outside a few times she’d seen him in boxer-shorts, she didn’t know what he looked like naked. Kingsley was a very handsome guy and on more than one occasion, Gift had found herself wondering what making love to him would feel like. She sighed and shook her head. Her secret plan of wooing him with kindness seemed to fade in the light of his subtle rejection. She smiled; a mirthless sad twist of her lips. If she pushed too hard, he might end up resenting her and she didn’t want that. She wanted a situation where he would stay indebted to her kindness even if they didn’t end up together as man and wife. To ease the pain of his rejection, she convinced herself that everything she’d done had been out of pity because she had felt sorry for him… sorry that her father and Uncle had mauled him. Sadly, she knew that wasn’t entirely true and that her feelings for him were turning into something else. Their marriage was over anyway. She was only here to make sure he was alright and healed and as soon as that was done, she would leave.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Gift was seated on the small sofa picking beans and wondering how to tell Kingsley that she would be leaving at the weekend. He was completely healed now and no one would have known that two weeks earlier, he had been in hospital with a bandaged head. The two weeks had passed by quickly for Gift. She’d spent all of that time cooking and taking care of him; making sure he ate well and took his meds. He rarely spoke to her and when he did, it was usually to ask simple questions. He spent most of his time brooding, reading, sleeping or watching television. When she’d offered him her phone to call his mother or any other person he wanted, he’d rejected the offer. At first, the uneasy silence between them had rankled but two weeks on, she had gotten used to it. While she mused, Kingsley, all showered and dressed up emerged from the bedroom. He hesitated and looked at her for a brief moment before going to sit opposite her. She turned to him with a smile and found him staring at her intently. Her smile slowly faded away and she had a feeling he was going to say something unpleasant. To stall it, she quickly blurted…

“I’m leaving this weekend”

Her announcement seemed to stun him because he looked temporarily taken aback. She continued before he could gather his thoughts.

“You’re well now and seeing as our marriage is over, I’m sure you would want to continue with your life. I’m just happy you’re ok and once again, I beg you not to tell your mother what my father and uncle did to you…”

He remained silent for a long time, just staring at her. Then he nodded his head in agreement.

“How much is left?” His deep voice seemed to have dipped lower.

“One million. Two million went to the renting and furnishing of this place, plus your hospital bills and foodstuff…” She explained then got up and hurried into the bedroom before he could chip in a word. She returned shortly with a black nylon bag and handed it to him.

Kingsley collected the money, didn’t bother to count it and dropped it on the small glass center-table.

“Gift… I know I’ve not really been the best person to be around. I’m selfish and spoilt and you think I deserve the worst in life. I don’t blame you. I deserve whatever has happened to me. And I cannot ask you to stay with a man like me. You deserve better than I have to offer but, I need a small favor from you.” He said.

“What is it?” She asked.

“I need you to stay for one more week. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching. I’m not going to beg my mother. Neither will I ask anyone to beg her for me. I’m going to get a job and I know I will get one in a blink but I need the company… Your company. I’m going through an emotionally rough time and I can’t do it alone. Please… I am begging.” He sounded like one in despair and her heart melted.

“Ok. I will stay and help you.” She said and was rewarded with a smile of gratitude.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

True to his words, Kingsley got a job. An uncle to one of his friends in the UK had set up a Consultancy Company on Bode Thomas and had gladly offered him a position as Assistant Manager. The salary wasn’t exceedingly fantastic but it was enough to set him on the up. Kingsley broke the news to Gift and she was happy for him. After their last talk, their communication had improved from cold to tepid. Gift was optimistic that it would get better and kept her fingers crossed. 

Two weeks after he’d resumed work, Kingsley returned home early to find the house locked. A sudden fear gripped him. He had his own key so he let himself in and quickly made a dash for the bedroom. He noticed that the small traveling bag where Gift kept her clothes were gone and a sudden surge of panic gripped him. Without checking the rest of the bedroom, he dashed to the living room, dialing her number frantically. The phone rang out. He dialed it again and again. She wasn’t picking up her calls. Wondering what next to do, he rushed out of the house and out of the compound, looking around frantically. He saw a small provision shop nearby and headed towards it, trying hard to suppress his unpleasant thoughts. The girl at the shop smiled broadly at him.

“Hi… I’m new here… I don’t know if you know me or my wife…” He began but the girl cut him short.

“I know you and your wife.” she replied.

“Great then! Please, have you seen her?” He asked, the urgency in his voice unmistakable.

“I saw her about an hour ago. She was going out.” The girl supplied.

“Was she carrying something like a travel-bag?”

“Yes… I think so…” The girl said.

Her response confirmed his worst fear. Gift had left him. He knew he had asked her to stay on for a week and that it had extended to two but it still hurt him that she had left the way she did. With a smile and curt “Thanks”, he made his way back home, deflated and wondering how he would cope without her help. He entered the bedroom and began to undress, wondering what to do next. He was stark naked when he heard the entrance door in the living room open. Pulling his boxers on quickly, he walked out of the bedroom cautiously to find Gift locking the door, the traveling bag and two big nylon bags beside it. She turned around and was quickly engulfed in a hug.

“God! Don’t ever do this to me again…” He muttered before covering her mouth in a kiss that left her more stunned than turned-on.

She kissed him back, surprised at this show of emotion. The minute he felt her response, his kiss deepened and he pulled her closer, crushing her breast to his chest. After a while, he pulled away from her.

“I thought you’d left me for good.” He muttered hoarsely.

“I went to the laundromat and then to the market.” She explained with a puzzled frown.

He kissed her again, this time with more need and hunger that made her sigh and her legs wobble. His hand shook slightly as they cupped her breast, squeezing them gently.

“Don’t go please… I swear I will change. Please Gift…” He was staring into her eyes now, his hands framing her face.

“I would have to leave someday Kingsley. I can’t stay with you indefinitely.” Her coherence surprised her in the face of the confusion going on in her head and body.

“You’re my wife…” He pleaded.

“WAS. You begged to be set free and you were. Your mother agreed to it and told my parents to keep the dowry as compensation for the embarrassment of the whole thing. Even without the returned dowry, I was never really your wife anyway. Not in body, spirit or soul.”

He groaned in frustration and dragged her to the bedroom, kissing and fondling her till a reluctant moan escaped her. Then he began to remove her clothes, yanking off her T-Shirt first then tugged at her jeans. Gift put up a feeble attempt to stop him but couldn’t keep it up because her body also yearned for his. She had felt his bulge again and the reaction between her thighs had been automatic. He stripped her naked, removed his boxers and pulled her towards him as he sank on to the bed. He kissed her breasts in tender worship before covering one nipple with his mouth… teasing it with his tongue, making her arch her back to push her chest out; her need unmasked. He sucked her buds with such tenderness, it brought tears to her eyes.

“Oh God… I wish I could hold on but I need you now.” He muttered like one in pain.

Gift spread her legs open for him, wanting his weight on top of her, craving their body fusion more than she could express. He reached down to her center and touched her there, needing to feel her readiness for him. She was wet, willing and waiting.

“I need you Gift….” He muttered into her ear as he took position between her legs and guarded his thick shaft towards her entrance. 

Pushing in slowly, he resisted the urge to ram, rather, savoring the pleasure of his entrance… loving the feel of her soft folds as they closed over him… wet, warm and tight. His mouth covered hers again as he pushed in deeper and deeper till she had all of him inside of her. Fully in, he remained still, kissing her lips as if tasting it for the very first time. Gift spread her legs wider, reached down to grab his ass and scratch it tenderly, making him clench.

“You keep doing that, I’m going to make you sore because I won’t be able to slow down.” He groaned. 

She moved her waist slightly, her intention purely to goad. Bracing himself, he began to fuck her, pushing in and out and giving her measured strokes that made her moan aloud in pleasure. She was wet and tight and very warm inside. As he thrust, he recalled that he had heard from somewhere that when a woman’s pussy was too warm, she might be ovulating. He didn’t know where he’d heard that and didn’t really know how true it was but the thought that Gift could be ovulating was a turn on. He wanted her to stay… Needed her to stay and perhaps, if he could make love to her constantly this weekend, she might end up getting pregnant and that would make her shelve all thoughts of leaving.

Pushing in deeper and faster, he fucked her with a purpose and felt her tremble beneath him as pleasure burst forth from her in orgasmic throes. He slipped a hand under her buttocks and squeezed her cheeks while he pushed in and out till he felt the blood rush to his head, sending him adrift as his shaft shot out pleasure in a fountain of climax. He grabbed her tight, pumping her full of seed, unwilling to let her go. Some moments later, he shifted his weight off her, rolled to her side and pulled her close, shutting his eyes in pleasure as her soft body touched his. She was silent now, breathing softly by his side. Though he was tired, he knew he hadn’t had enough of her yet. He was willing to let them rest for a bit before taking her again.

“Are you safe?” He asked her softly.

She was silent for so long, he thought she had slept. Then she spoke up, her voice croaky from her earlier moans.

“I don’t think so… And I don’t have contraceptives. I will go get some later.” He might have imagined it but she sounded apologetic and sad.

Kingsley smiled and pulled her closer to him, making sure her ass rested on his shaft. He would make sure there would be no later. He planned to make her forget about the contraceptives. He was going to tire her out sexually. He’d been told countless times that he was sexually inexhaustible and he was going to ensure that Gift saw that part of him. She shifted a little and her ass brushed his shaft, making it nod in acknowledgement. He hoped she had rested a bit because his need for her was rising again.











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