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Update: Lagos state adopts nine-year-old maid tortured by boss for allegedly stealing crayfish


The Lagos State Government says Precious Chinwedu, a nine-year-old housemaid, who was tortured by her boss for allegedly stealing crayfish is now in its custody.The Director of the Office of the Public Defender ( OPD ), Mrs. Omotola Rotimi, said, “The attention of the governor and the Attorney General was drawn to the plight of Precious Chinwedu whose boss poured hot water on. We were instructed to take over the matter and the girl has been taken from the hospital with the help of the police. She is now in our protective custody.”


On December 27,2015, the primary three pupil, who hails from Orlu, Imo State was asked by her boss, Ifeoma Mbakwe, to bring the crayfish in the kitchen but she could not find it. She then accused her of eating it without her consent, an allegation Chinwedu denied. In a fit of anger, she reportedly beat her up before pouring hot water on her. She then forced her to sleep in pains on that day before taking her to the hospital the next day. Rotimi said OPD would provide a legal representative for Chinwedu, for the prosecution of the case.


We learnt that the Office of the Public Defender had moved the primary three pupil, from Rem-Yems Hospital in the Agbado area of Lagos, where she had been on admission since December 28,2015.

Chinwedu had said, “She (Mbakwe) said I should go and bring crayfish, but I told her I did not see it. She said I ate it. She used something we used to grind pepper to hit my head. She bit me in the back and poured hot water on me. I complained that my body was paining me but she told me to go and sleep like that”


“She does not give me food regularly. There is no food for me in the afternoon when I come back from the school. Sometimes, she would not give me food in the evening. She always beats me. I want to go back to my parents.”

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